[OPEN] vylnq - GFX Artist

Greetings! I’m Corey, a 17-year-old graphics designer. I’ve been doing GFX for four years now, while I’ve been doing graphic design for about five years. I am not the best artist out there, but I have definitely improved throughout the years through trial and error. Practice always makes perfect.

Game Icons


(upload://9qMcqDu3wOutWgLYc0Pxvo1NF4p.png) ![rustythumbnail (1)|690x388]

Ads, Logos, Random??


Pricing is as follows, and is not negotiable. I do not take percentages, but i do accept USD, group payouts and t-shirt purchases, but you are responsible for the 30% taxed amount.
Game-Icons - 150 robux | $0.50
Banners, Advertisements - 150 robux | 0.60
Logos, Menus - 120 robux a piece | $0.60
Thumbnails - 250 robux | $0.75
Scenery - 270 robux | $1.00

Contact me via devforum, but for faster responses, add me on Discord: corey?#3401. I will discuss all important components and requirements of your requested commission.

Have a wonderful day, thanks for reading!


Sent you a friend request (Arustik#7647)

I ordered a thumbnail for my game and it was amazing. He has amazing work skills and awesome final products! It took him less than a day to make it! I totally recommend him! 10/10! I will definitely come back to purchase more graphics in the future!

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