(OPEN) Well experienced builder, UI, FTUX for hire!

About Me

Hello! I am offering my services as a builder, a bit modeling(blender), scripter, and UI designer! I specialize in asset creation (Check the pictures below). I have been building on Roblox for 3/soon 4 years, additional to that I have 1/ soon 2 years of unreal engine development experience! I have previously worked on some smaller games, such as; Noneva County Roleplay, starboard City, Clicking simulator, and a bit more.

Smaller info;

Occupations: Studying/working
Timezone: GMT +1
age; 16+


Whenever I am hired to do certain tasks I will always work my hardest to deliver it within a day (if really busy a week), however, I am not busy often, therefore I can get assets done quickly.

I can guarantee that I will try my best to satisfy my buyer, of course, if you do not like what I have created, I will not demand any type of payment, if you do use my creation despite saying you did not want it, you may need to pay it up.


I expect my buyers to obey the following;

  • Roblox TOS/Discord TOS (If I will be chatting with you there)
  • If I can not make it within one day, don’t get angry and disrespect me
  • No disrespectful commenting or arguing with me
  • If you do not like my product, I want you to speak up and tell me, I will not get angry, I will try to remake it ASAP!
  • More than 20 creations at a time


Sadly, due to my age, I am currently studying and working beside. However, I can work around 70+ hours during the week. Sometimes it may be different, possibly due to holidays or such. I usually can get things done within a week or so. Overall I hope you will consider contacting me. I would love to work with you. :smiley:


Depends on the job I would be hired for. More advanced builds, or scripts, things that take a longer time to make will require more payment.

  • R$ through e.g. game pass
  • PayPal


You can contact me on;

Discord: Russ#1655
Twitter: TheLDI_P
Or here on the dev forum!

Hope to see you!


Here are some screenshots of my work

(scripted by me too; I can do smaller scripts!)



A lot of the images and videos above are outdated. Contact me through the dev forum or add me on discord. I will be able to send my newest work!

  • Just contact me if you want! Always open to any negotiation! :slight_smile:

Hello, I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. I’m interested in your services. My username is sadie;#2021. Thanks!