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Salutations, enchantments!

About Our Establishment

A group that is very dear to me - which I own - is planning to hire more designers to create gorgeous clothing for our customers to enjoy. We’re fairly old, however, has been on halt due to my personal life being my priority, and gaming second. Although we have not been updating the group until recently, we have managed to reach 100+ members and maintain some sort of activity; I undoubtedly want to keep that up! But it’s crucial for us as a clothing group to provide clothing non-stop. Therefore, we would love to have new designers to work along with, to provide even more unique and appealing clothing.

Designer Intel

We have a certain ‘style’ for our clothing and we expect from our designers to always keep that in mind while making an item for our group. This style that our group revolves around is called kawaii (which means cute in Japanese - will have some examples of our design below for you to see and enjoy!). You’re given references while making a design to ensure you are indeed sticking to our style, either by me or a future Design Originator. For payment, we usually pay our designers 100R$ per outfit, however, this may go up if there’s a lot of work needed to be done for shading. And yes, we’re hoping to have a set price of 300-500 per design when we are financially ready to implement the change.

How Do I Enter

Please message me to give you an item to create, however, please send your Roblox name and examples of previous work before anything. If you receive no messages back that means we’re not interested and you should find somewhere else to work with. The items given will always be an outfit and based on a Kawaii style, which means you should be able to shade and do items in a short time. Therefore, proving to us that you’re ready to complete more difficult designs in the future. From there you will be given out a format to use when asking to be paid for a design (or designs) alongside access to our designer chats which will allow you to share advice, feedback and criticism for your work or others. Now that you have read all this boring stuff, let’s begin with the rules!

Designer Regulations

1. Whatever you do must be original! I don’t mind you taking inspiration; however, you must use your creative mind too!

2. Please make sure to have 2 pieces of clothing made every week! If you make more, great! That’ll help the amount of robux you get.

3. All clothing prices must be listed as 5 Robux, and the names must be readable (no symbols).

That’s all for now! Please use common sense, haha.!

Group Showcase

image 2

image 1

trap 2

trap 3


JustAboy#4589 - Discord
DelusionalAtmosphere - Roblox

Thanks for reading, lovelies!

Written by, Avotted


Check this and contact me (open) ₮onic experienced clothing designer for hire

Join our server that it’s on the portfolio and you can contact me.

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