Open world criminal/heist game (looking for a coder)

Hey guys!

I’ve had this passion to make a heist/criminal-like open-world modern game; kind of like a parody of GTA, as GTA is a fictional parody of real life. You’d probably wonder why would you want to work with this guy? What has he to offer?

I can surely help with all the builds which then you can focus on just the code. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not sure if you’ve seen some, but…

Payment? I was thinking of you receiving 65% of the profit, leaving 30% for me, and 5% for group funds.

Other experiences? I’m currently taking some courses on business, marketing, and entrepreneurial, so hopefully that could smooth out our potential project.

Why did I contact you guys over everyone else? I have a strong passion to make a game look good. I feel most people in ROBLOX don’t really care too much in terms of design, or it’s half half (some parts are good, some are horrendous). Looking at your guy’s games, I feel you guys would be a good companion(s) to work with to really bring out the “wow” in people, not just “okay, this game is pretty fun.” We should struck another innovative revolution in ROBLOX where players get to experience something they haven’t felt before in ROBLOX, like when AR first released the first ever open-world zombie game consisting a lot of players, and when PF released the first ever, aesthetically pleasing gun framework; that next could be us, our project.

Any concerns, just reply or privately message me! :smiley:

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It will take literally months for a coder to script 25% of the GTA gun system alone. There are also hundreds of missions, heists, minigames, social activities and races that would have to be coded one by one. Missions require a lot of traveling through universes and that’s not appealing to ROBLOX users. Not to mention character, gun and vehicle customization, house purchasing, a functioning phone, and an intelligent star system.

Overall it sounds like an impossible task to do, unless you remove 95% of the content GTA has to offer and present us a plan that’s doable for 1 coder.


The gun system is probably the easiest thing to code in this game idea.

Depends if you want them to be animated or have extensions.

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I understand that immersive games will take a lot of work, months to code possibly, but really all good games take effort whether it be this game or another idea. If we look at how long it would take and the dreadfulness of making the game, well it really isn’t development anymore, it’s work.

I also understand that many of us have things going on in life, and there is always the freedom in development for more aid. I never really mentioned that any coders interested only had to be that coder, we could always have more. :slight_smile:

Plus, I’m not trying to recreate the whole GTA game with all the activities and missions available. I’m trying to grab their literal concept of an open-world, heist game. Make your squad, do the objectives, etc… and the whole open-world city could be a social area in general, than such small lobbies in most games.

I’ve built entire games centered around simply travelling and it’s gone well…


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