Open World Game

Hello, everyone check out the screenshots of this awesome game :grin: We have optimized the game to run smooth without lag!

And many more updates are coming soon😁 @murjarquitecto @Crazedbrick1


Looks great but maybe change the trees since they don’t fit the realistic look


Looks awesome!

There are a few flaws that I noticed:

  • Parts are unanchored in random places around the map. Example:
  • This has nothing to do with your build but I’m driving a boat on land :rofl:
  • As @Chris_Burton said, the trees don’t really fit the realistic look. I recommend setting the trees to the material grass and Artichoke (151, 167, 119 RGB)

Thanks so much we will fix this ASAP

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Hello, we regret the unseen errors, in this case I am in charge of the construction, and I really did not see that error coming, thank you to report it, and yes, we will change the textures of the trees
(The boat to navigate that I honestly did not do it)


Yes it is ok you are doing amazing and the boat i will recode that is on me😂


Thanks @DevAcc_greeenblox , the error of that building has been solved, let us know if you see another problem according to the construction for now

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Check the whole map for more unanchored parts

is what i’m doing right now :wink:

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Make the palm trees slightly more stubby and the trunk fatter, its an easy fix in whatever 3D modeling program your using.

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I haven’t seen many thick trunk palm trees to be honest
I have only seen tall palm trees with thin trunks and small palm trees with thick trunks
I guess you can add more variety


images (9)

Make the ramp thinner so people have space to drive normally if they’d like to.

Add some sidewalks and other things to decorate it.

Make the lights in the houses turn on. It gives it more life. And add a logo on the gas station sign.

Add more trees. It looks plain.

Change the color of the bark on the palm tree to a lighter brown/tan

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Make an inventory UI like Jailbreak has instead of theseimage

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It looks awesome! I would love to play it some day

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Hello @Crazedbrick1 some of your suggestions are accepted and here they are, remember that the map is in progress so it is possible that many things are still missing


Already better by 50%! I think the trees look to artificially placed. Spread them out a little bit more.

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It is what is being done right now, like the colors

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I really like the texture of the trees, and I will be working on an inventory UI this afternoon, thanks to everyone for the feedback :smiley: Keep it coming!

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The ramp needs to thicker because the cars I am making in blender are too big for that ramp. Maybe make the road a little fatter?

I kind of like the way the trees look but we will spread them out! Thanks for the suggestion!