Open World Generation

I am making an open world game, randomly generated of which I can add models to be generated with it also, I have seen plugins such as Terrain Generator and infinite Terrain, but I was wondering if it is possible to do it with parts instead of terrain.

It is possible, nobody said it would be simple. Minecraft did it, why can’t we?
You can probably look on youtube for helpful tutorials for infinite maps.

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I did, but probably all of them don’t even have the answers I am looking for.

Hmm, so infinite terrain is a last resort?

I suppose you could say that ,I do not want an infinite terrain, just one big enough to be the map, the game itself is a voxel game, but I just want flat-ish parts for the terrain, not a big cube.

I guess you could build square parts of a map that are somewhat the same size and put a small part on every side of the map pieces (the “small part” is transparency 1) and then, put all of them in lighting then make a script that will connect the “small parts” together, and a whole lot of math.random.

Sorry if it is hard to read! I was just trying to do it quick.

alright, I am not sure if it be good.

You will have to edit the script a good bit after, but as long as it works.

Just use the built-in terrain generator. If you want real-time map generation, you will need to code that yourself.