[OPEN] XxMakio - Introduction/Portfolio

Hi Hi! I’m a 2D Artist who works on many artworks and been creating on my artwork since 2016! (I’ve been recently trying to get into 3D modeling on Blender for around a year and have been improving a lot on it. Stay tuned for future projects!) :purple_heart:

I have made designs and worked for many different Roblox developers and games like:

  • RussoPlays
  • WhoToTrus
  • Reverse_Polarity
  • Tower of Hell
    and many more! (Feel free to vouch for me in the comments!)

🎨 2D Artwork 🎨
(-Games/Videos Thumbnails (Portraits)

(- Banners)

(-Game Icons / Profile Pictures (PFP)



2D Concepts
(- Character Designs)

(- UGC Concepts)




🎨 3D Artwork 🎨
(-UGC Concepts)




Sorry of there isn’t much 3D Artwork here, I’m just getting started on making 3D models and stuff!

:arrow_down: (Information) :arrow_down:

I’ll be only become available during 3 - 10 P.M. CST due to having to attend at school! Unless something important happens, everything should be alright to contact me!

Contact Me
You can contact me at Roblox DevForum or Twitter! : https://twitter.com/XxMakio
(If you want to talk more in details about the payment or commission, you can ask me in DMs!)

Payment Infohttps://twitter.com/XxMakio/status/1347653125923069954
You can only pay me through Paypal ($USD)

(If you're paying me robux, please go through my group and go in the donation/payment game!)
Makio's Random Club - Roblox [ I accept group funds also btw]

If you guys have any questions or feedback then please post the comments if you want!


You have some lovely artwork; I wish you the best of luck with sales!!


Pretty amazing work!! I’m in love with the art style, supa’ unique! :smile:

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Holy crap, you should up your prices, this is damn impressive.

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Just commissioned @XxMakio for my new profile picture. They provided me with a detailed profile picture that fit the description I asked for, and got it to me within 14 hours. I 100% recommend this artist!

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Hi! I want to higher you do you have discord?