[OPEN][200,000 or %] HIRING A BUILDER & ANIMATOR | Anime Game

About Us

I’m a scripter working on an anime game and I need a builder to join my team to make maps. This is not good for a first project, since I’m personally scripting it and want it to be a success.

The Team

@Embedded77 Scripter
@You Builder
@Dev_R0VER Modeler
@Jupiterc UI Designer
@Chrofex @Mystifine Advisors
My portfolio: Embedded77 | Scripter, Site Programmer

Whats Needed

  • Any maps we need, if your portfolio is satisfactory we’ll give you an exact number and a lot more details
    And some more stuff

50-75 attack animations

Reference Images

You must be able to make something of similar quality to the below image

They will not be the same, they’ll be the same style though.



Percent or up to 200k in limiteds.
I’ll be personally scripting the game and hiring people, so the percent has a fairly good chance. You can view my portfolio by scrolling up.
I would rather pay the percent, but I’m alright with paying in limiteds.


A negotiable percent which you keep as long as you continue animating for us.




dm on the devforums or join this server https://discord.gg/mbRUurc

Hi, I’m interested in the job, I can make the game maps for you, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Hey there! Just sent you a friend request. My tag is norman#5956. Cya there!

Hi I would like to know a bit more about the project. Please send me a Friend Request on Discord so we can have a little talk. Thank you ^.^ Cuansety#3736

If you still need someone for maps, reach me at Furret#4638 on Discord

@ronaldcjxd @Cuansety @ManateeDerp47 sent friend requests

I have not received the request

I am interested -


Still need developers to fulfil this role. Please only dm me if you have a portfolio ready. Videos of work are also acceptable.

Hi there, my discord is nova;#8781. Is the builder position still open, or is it just 3D modeler?

Still need a developer to fulfil this role. If you can’t do one of the above things, we may still decide to take you.

Sent you a friend Request my Discord : Its_R0VER#0037

Please note, we may still decide to take you on even if you aren’t as good in one of the above tasks.

.Discord XxMissSporty877241xX#2271,

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