Open/close Tweening

Hi, I am trying to create a button that once clicked shows some more tabs (That you are able to click to go to different things) but then can be clicked, again, to then have the tabs tween back in and not be visible. However when I try, it only tweens once showing them and won’t tween again making them no longer visible.

Here is a video:
(Tween not working. - YouTube)

Here is my script:

And my second version: (I attempted to only do one of them to see if that worked but it did not.)

After looking through youtube for hopefully an answer I was unsuccessful.

My end goal is to have a Working tween gui that opens and closes through one button, so if anyone could help me find out what the error is with my script or whats wrong with it, I’d appreciate it! Thank you.

I’d say instead of using elseif, you can just say

if, blah, blah) then
-- other code stuff here.

if this doesn’t work, then sorry.

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This sort of worked! That kind of idea but I tweaked it a little bit. Thank you!