[OPENED] Sweets 3D Modeler Hiring

Hey there! Sweets is a phenomenal bakery group. Obtaining over 13,000+ members, our community is one active, passionate, group of people.

Positions opened: 3D Modeler
If you’re interested in this position, please keep reading.


For our upcoming version of the bakery, we are in desperate need of an advanced 3D Modeler. Our mission is to have our V2 outstanding for both kids and adults.

Our game needs at least 10 new assets completed by the end of this month/two weeks. We expect that each asset should be made advanced.


  • Passionate with the Bakery community
  • Must be mature and respectful with peers
  • Must respond quickly
  • Must be able to work on assets daily
  • Must be 13+ or older


We are offering 500-1000R$ per asset and/or possibly USD via PayPal.


You can contact me via Discord at ;devin#6791. Upon DMing, please send a message regarding this topic and send examples of your work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this forum post. If you’re interest in this position, please make sure to read requirements and the contact section.


Hello ccsynth
I would like to help you build your bakery game
How to contact me
Discord :Active_GameZ#5051
there I can send you pics of my project I’m currently working on.
Yes I am 13 years old

I am interested in this job, please DM me to the user RocketScript#5634

I’m interested, my discord and twitter is located on my portfolio. [OPEN] [Portfolio] 3D Modeler [For hire] [Robux only] - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum

Hello I’m interested in the 3D modeler position. My discord is 3343#3445 and here is my portofolio

I’m interested - discord - vvolfy#0813


Is it still a possibility that you pay USD and not robux?

Hi there! I’m very interested. Please contact me at, txnnerq | ˚.*ೃ#0188. I’m looking forward to discussing this matter with you. @ccsynth

We can discuss this further through Discord.

Alright, I have added you Toxstxr#9447
Edit: Nevermind your discord tag doesn’t work, can you check it is the right one?
Edit 2: My bad you have your friend requests off, send me a friend request or let me know when you have them open.

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