[OPEN]Experienced Builder [For Hire]

About Me

Hi There, Guys so I’m working Currently as a Builder I also work as a scripter. u can see my builds Down here


You can View My Build Here:egg Manison Jailbreak lasers


I am available for 6 hours or less everyday due to quarantine and stuff.


Prices are negotiable, I accept only Payment for asset not %.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord Username: FISHY#8882

Thanks for reading! here are some more Builds i made!Bank :slight_smile:![Building]!sell Cartoony build Building

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Have you ever made cafes before?

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Cafe Builds, Yes! I made Like 3 Builds Of Cafe, And other Builds!

Mind sending me images of the cafes you have made? You can send me the link to the game or images, whatever you prefer.

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I didn’t save my builds im sorry! I Can build another one if u want! Contact me In discord: FISHY#8882

I do not chat through discord, my apologies. I would buy but I do prefer to see samples before I make a purchase. My apologies, but you’re an amazing builder and I will recommend you to some of my friends. :smiley:

thank u so much for Good FEedBack :smile: