[OPEN][FULL-TIME][$3000-4000/mo] Cloud Entertainment is Hiring a Web Programmer


About Us

Cloud Entertainment is a company looking to develop and expand its operations working with professional developers to create games that push the standards for Roblox quality. We actively work with Roblox Developer Relations on advice for branding, marketing, and driving the future of game production on Roblox to a growing, long-lasting, innovative team of creators. We expect cooperation, high-quality communication, and feedback, with individuals looking to turn game development into a career. We have a team of over 50 staff that includes; Translators, Moderators, Game Testers, Programmers, Builders, Animators, and Artist.

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  • Apply for SUMMER ACCELERATOR 2021 Program.
  • Helping to create a powerful web-based tool for the platform.
  • Collaborating with the programming team.
  • Do performance profiling to ensure that everything is optimized.
  • Using Git for Version Control
  • Tracking and Assigning tasks in ClickUp.
  • Expected to help create API documentation.
  • Learn new Technologies for Improving
  • Attend meetings (Sprint Planning, Check-In, Review, Retrospective)


  • Ability to designing systems and frameworks.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Can sign a W9 (US) / W9BEN (Outside US)
  • Age 18+
  • Experienced with Git
  • Experienced with Databases (MongoDB, SQL)
  • Experienced with JavaScript/Nodejs

Nice to Haves

  • Understands Golang
  • Understands Google Cloud, AWS or Azure Cloud.
  • Experienced coding Discord Bots
  • Experienced in Frontend Development
  • Open Source Community Projects
  • Associates or Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Experienced with ClickUp or Jira
  • Love testing and QA.


$25/hr ($3000-4000/mo)

Please include an open-source project for us to review your code!
Be Sure to Check Requirements List!

Application: https://forms.clickup.com/f/17hq5-497/6CS98RCTF7IUDTQ2M0

If we want to move forward with your application you will get a response.


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~ Operations Manager of Cloud Entertainment


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