[OPEN]hiring developers for our horror game map

##About Us

hello, our group makes games for people to enjoy as well as clothing, we are working on a horror game
and want to hire Some developers no matter what you do like UI, scripting we are hiring any type

##About the job for builders

so we want a hospital type map, and we want it big here is an example of what we want
this is a IRL pic ofc but we dont need that much detailing for it to make it easy for you
here is an example of what we want it from inside
and again, we dont want too much detail

##About the job for scripters

we want you to work on jumpscares, events like touched part stuff etc

##About the job for UI

i already created the start menu, you will work on the other UI etc


we currently dont have group funds, BUT the group funds the game makes will be your payment, we will give you the payment equally so its not unfair for other people who worked on the game


you can contact me here on the forum or on discord (crystal#7050) wherever you cantact me, i need your previous work pics/vids (any) and with proof that you made it and own it, thanks for reading!
group you will be working for https://www.roblox.com/groups/5838112/TacoFace-Studios#!/about

also i do not own the group, i manage to hire developers so it will take time to rank you in that group
because it takes time to contact the owner

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