Opening beta Roblox app after closing it for more than 2 hours joins me back into the last server i've been on unless the server isn't available?

This is a weird bug that I have not even seen until yesterday. It isn’t game breaking or anything but just confusing. It also doesn’t always happen but it happened to me like 2 times already

I just opened Roblox after leaving my computer on overnight, and seems like the game’s wanting me to go shoot people : P (I was in an Arsenal VIP server before leaving yesterday so it brought me to the same vip)

Easy way to get around it? Esc > L > Enter and I’m back into the menu

This might also be a me thing somehow, so just check if this is actually happening to you, if not then I’ll just keep having to do esc>L>enter to quickly leave the game so I can join another one

Doesn’t it disconnect you after 20 minutes of being idle? Wouldn’t it show a kick message?

No, it straight up rejoins the server unless it’s unavailable (Closing roblox actually closes the game but when this bug happens it’s like if I rejoined the server)

Also it’s not happening anymore so I think it got fixed alr