Opening Developer Console with developer permissions causes network receive to spike and stay at a high level

Opening the Developer Console (F9) when you have developer permissions (can see server logs, for example) causes the network receive to spike to around 40 KB/s. It never goes down even if you close the Developer Console.


I experience this as well, but I’m not sure if its a bug or not. I think its just from receiving all the info from the server.


Running into this as well and it’s become really frustrating to work with. It actually bogs down the RemoteEvent queue so I’m experiencing a log jam of events whenever the developer console spikes and raises the network. My team is using Chickynoid as a custom controller for our game and while it doesn’t impede gameplay for the player, they end up viewing other players snapping from snapshot to snapshot instead of smoothly interpolating.


Opening the developer console gives a request to the server to stream the metrics from the server (memory, performance, etc.). This is likely the cause of the issue.


Most definitely. The big issue is that it eats into the 50 KB/s budget that developers get for all in-game networking, or at the very least it’s included in the metric for it. For games that rely on this budget being available, it makes it really difficult to debug without introducing new problems. At least there is new error reporting on the web Creator Dashboard but we lose out on other stats for debugging that the Developer Console offers in-game.


This issue was already reported here: Opening Developer Console causes constant, irreversible networking overhead - Bug Reports / Engine Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox

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