Opening Test Servers to Volunteers!


Hello! If you don’t know me, I am momo6097 the creator of a fairly small school roleplay group called Northeast High School. We have revolutionized our system, that allows us to run it endlessly without someone to open the servers for students. We are hoping to test levels of game traffic on the system, and people to find bugs, and report them. If you are trying to imagine what exactly I am talking about, think of Little Angels Daycare. They have a system where you select a class, but ours is much more involved and gives the teachers more control. It would only be about a week of testing, starting soon. If you’re interested feel free to DM me, on the forums or Roblox. Thank you!


It sounds interesting but I do not know much English


I don’t mind testing.


Exactly what needs to be done


I would like to help in the testing.


Do you have any prewritten test cases or anything specific that needs testing?
For example, are their any group (2 or more) user actions or potentially flawed or laggy systems that would take priority?
If not, great. =D


Would love to help test.


You could use the Roblox QA Team to find lots of testers.


I’ll help test


I’d love to help test.


More details will be given through my discord, please add me. mo#7178


please add me. mo#7178


Please add me for further details, we would love your help mo#7178


Thank you, please add me on Discord for further information mo#7178


More details can be found by adding me on discord! mo#7178


Great! Please add me on Discord! mo#7178


That’s fine we need testers for our localized languages.


Great please add me on Discord! mo#7178


If anyone wants to test, just add me on Discord mo#7178


My discord :: :heart_eyes_cat:Bryan#0498