Opening the Roblox menu while touching the screen messes the camera

Reproduction Steps
Make sure you are in a game that uses Roblox’s default camera system.

  • Hold your screen with a finger
  • Open the Roblox menu with another finger
  • Release your fingers
  • Close the Roblox menu

Expected Behavior
The camera should behave like normal, and be able to move with one finger, and zoom/unzoom with two fingers pinch

Actual Behavior
Depending on what was done when opening the Roblox menu, the result could be different:

  • If you were holding your finger outside the thumbstick area, the camera will zoom/unzoom with just one finger, and you can’t rotate the camera anymore: Camera bug 1 - YouTube

  • If you were holding your finger inside the thumbstick area, the camera will move when you manipulate the thumbstick: Camera bug 2 - YouTube

There could be other ways to trigger this bug, as members of my community reported the issue a while ago. For example, in this clip, the player has their camera zoom out when they press a button while moving:

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Roblox needs to see this. This is a game-breaking issue where the player has to rejoin to fix their camera.

Imagine the loss in a game without saving!
Also bump.

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Sorry for the super late reply. We’ll take a look now.


Hi there! Thanks for the report. I’ve taken a look and I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this issue. We’ve made some recent input changes that might have fixed this. Is this still an issue?

It appears the problem has been solved.

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