Opening the Roblox menu while touching the screen messes the camera

Reproduction Steps
Make sure you are in a game that uses Roblox’s default camera system.

  • Hold your screen with a finger
  • Open the Roblox menu with another finger
  • Release your fingers
  • Close the Roblox menu

Expected Behavior
The camera should behave like normal, and be able to move with one finger, and zoom/unzoom with two fingers pinch

Actual Behavior
Depending on what was done when opening the Roblox menu, the result could be different:

  • If you were holding your finger outside the thumbstick area, the camera will zoom/unzoom with just one finger, and you can’t rotate the camera anymore: Camera bug 1 - YouTube

  • If you were holding your finger inside the thumbstick area, the camera will move when you manipulate the thumbstick: Camera bug 2 - YouTube

There could be other ways to trigger this bug, as members of my community reported the issue a while ago. For example, in this clip, the player has their camera zoom out when they press a button while moving:

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Roblox needs to see this. This is a game-breaking issue where the player has to rejoin to fix their camera.

Imagine the loss in a game without saving!
Also bump.