Opening up 3D modeling commissions


Hey everyone, I’ve been known more as a programmer but I’ve also picked up a 3D modeling and retopology hobby about a year ago.

While I may not be as talented as some of the other artists here, I have confidence that I can make a fair deal of things. Be weary about asking me for cars or detailed guns though. I’ve no experience with that.

I’d love to take some commissions as an opportunity to grow and expand my skills as an artist, and help you with your projects.

I don’t want to waste your time though, if you send me a commission request for something I don’t feel I can do quite yet I will either turn it down for your sake or let you know I may take a bit longer than usual.

I’m a growing artist, not a professional.


If you’re going to send a commission request, I would love to have reference images to follow.
I urge you to know exactly what you’re looking for

(i.e Please don’t ask, “Can you make me a lamp”)


I primarily use Blender, ZBrush, Meshlab and 3D Coat to model and re-retopologize when necessary. I can texture models and do so in substance painter,
but it is more of a challenge for me and I will charge more(unless it is basic texturing).

I keep poly count as low as possible


I know this may deter some of you, but I currently only accept payment in USD via paypal.

Payment will be discussed in detail during contact, as it will vary based on what you need.
But as an idea, I will generally charge $5 USD an hour, so small props should be quite inexpensive.

I am new to commissions, and this is the first time I’ve opened myself up for work, so if that payment plan seems unfitting for you we can negotiate something else.

Some of my work

I haven’t done much commission work so I don’t have too much to show, and not enough smaller props, but here is some of the work I’ve done for my personal projects. Every asset you see was made by me in blender(and some roblox primitives in the lower poly scenes)

Relatively older things(album)

Newer things(album)

Organics/Character models(album)


You can contact me here on this post or the dev forums,
or on my discord @ tyridge77#5390.

If you’re interested in my work I’d love to hear from you! :slight_smile:


Hmm… This looks really good. I’ll be needing someone who can model some enemies in Mario/Zelda style sometime in the next few weeks. How long do you think your commissions will stay open? Do you also have an idea on how long it would take you to model simple monsters with minimalistic textures or just painted vertices?


image image

(They wouldn’t have to be this good in quality, but still fairly good for Roblox standards)

I’m going to try and keep my commissions open as long as I can unless I get overwhelmed/get too many. Then I’ll close them temporarily.

I also likely won’t be available during christmas week.

I don’t think any of these(geometry) would take much longer than an hour. But, I’m not going to charge you $20 for something that took 4 hours that I thought would take one. I’m going to try to be as fair and convenient as I can; Payment is flexible and we can always come to a mutual agreement once the model is done.

As for texturing and UV unwrapping, I can do it but I’m by no means as quick as I am with modeling. Minimalistic textures like this should be fairly simple.

I’m also at an odd position with texturing where, since it is less of my forte, it may take me a bit longer, which generally one would charge more for(for more time spent). However, I also don’t want to charge you extra for more time spent if that more time spent is attributed to my lack of experience in something.

If you want more details/would like to commission something like this, send me a DM and we can work something out :slight_smile:

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