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Welcome to Imperia! :hotel::sleeping_bed::blush:

Motto: โ€œTravel should take you to a holel new place.โ€

Imperia was founded on 10/02/2020 by ScriptedOpxrator.

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When itโ€™s time for a hotel getaway, Imperia Hotels & Resorts offers unique travel packages and great deals, each with a long lasting comforting stay and a satisfaction Guarantee! :phone: :sleeping_bed:

We provide various hotels across ROBLOX each with itโ€™s own style and location. :laughing:

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Be sure to join the group and visit the Application Center every Saturday

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If you wish to join our group just join right (Imperia Hotels & Resorts - Roblox) !

We are hiring developers and staff! More information will come soon!

For all developers want to get hired please DM me at ScriptedOpxrator#4358

Signed, Founder, ScriptedOpxrator

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