OpenKart - A solid racing game foundation


OpenKart (Formally Bloxy Kart) is a racing game built to be reliable and have little to no issues.

As of October 16, 2022, Bloxy Kart has been rebranded to OpenKart, and developers of all kinds can help contribute to Bloxy Kart, or even take OpenKart for themselves and make a new racing game!

Learning how the game works should be very easy. I made it very organized.

Contributing to OpenKart

If you would like to contribute to OpenKart, send me a .rbxl file, and tell me what you changed. I will be sure to add your changes to the main .rbxl file.

Download the source code to OpenKart (8.3 MB)
(This Zip file has all of the .rbxl files and a text document showing you how to publish the game)

Other info

  • Kart shop
  • Character shop
  • Story mode
  • Time Trials
  • Free Roam
  • Multiplayer mode
Removed content from original Bloxy Kart
  • Build Mode
  • Event characters
  • Event karts
  • Legacy Music toggle
  • Shop home page
  • Original Bloxy Kart OST’s. This is because of “Roblox’s audio privacy” update
  • Backwards compatibility from DataStore2 and Roblox DataStores
My favorite uses of this

None yet.

Can’t wait to see what you do with Bloxy Kart!
Feel free to reply down below showcasing your Bloxy Karts!

I will also be available to help with setting anything up for you.

Now one last thank you for everyone who helped out with Bloxy Kart over the years:
@8BitMick - Logo design, thumbnail designer, game icon designer
@mungabunga123 - Map builder of Under The Sea, Small World, Jurassic, and OG lobby
@ModulePiggy - Former builder
@IAmPinleon - Former scripter
@Samuel_xam - OG Bloxy Kart lobby composer
@BrainDead_Dev - Former scripter
@SubHour - Map builder of Sandy Secrets, Space Heights, and Lobby
@Mysterious_Creations - Map builder of Grassy Ventures and the Battle Maps, thumbnail designer
@greenflash2525 - Map builder of Santa’s Village, Mushroom Forest, and Chocoblox Process
@fajnygosciu1234 - Map builder of Canyon Speedway and modeler of most karts
@InquiryRain - Thumbnail designer
@CubicMatter - Map builder of Back To School and Snowy Struggle
@NefariouslyScripted - Map builder of Space Highway and 4 seasons

Thank you for contributing to OpenKart, Willi


Found this game a bit ago, so wanted to make a kart racing game, and now look at this lol


Sad to hear that it’s discontinued but take care as always! was used to play this game but thank you, i’ll also try learning from the source code or maybe remaking this.


This is absolutely depressing and great to see at the same time.
@BillB1ox :sparkler: Don’t give up yet, success is standing back up when facing failures, the courage to be brave when upon fear and the effort to push through the numerous obstacles!

Who haven’t restarted a project before? Who haven’t changed their idea? Who haven’t faced difficulties? But where all still here, some with money, some with fame, but most importantly, with a undefeated and courageous heart!

If you do pick to leave however, it is your choice, but remember that, we will carry on with our dreams on Roblox, and you’re always welcomed to return :slight_smile:


Sad to hear that you have decided to go. Roblox is probably going somewhere bad, but there’s a chance the people at Roblox can get their crap together.

Farewell, my friend.

On another note, I am excited to see what you guys will do with this! Please notify me if you have done anything with this, I would like to play it!


Very sad to hear that this is the end for bloxy kart…

It was a fun experience, but, that’s how it ends?

Anyways, it was nice knowing you, and also enjoying Bloxy Kart was a unique experience.


Unfortunately, Roblox doesn’t do anything for their small creators, I actually almost got into Metaverse Champions but my game was not popular enough…

Can’t wait to see what you will do with it!

I hope i can bring the game to success somehow


That’s just life! Happens everywhere, the society doesn’t do much either for little entrepreneurs either.

You’ve spent a good effort on the game, and that’s what got you experiences, and you could honestly use them very well if you reform a new project.


I might come back when Roblox finally makes Studio native on Apple Silicon.

It is officially the only app on my Mac that is still Intel.

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I’ll work on my project so it hopefully profits enough for me to purchase a basic windows pc, the 14-inch Mac is great and all but getting old and buggy plus with many limitations.
I guess that’s one of my motivations.

As an M2 Mac User I share in your frustration. Roblox is unfortunately really slow at getting anything done. They are the only intel app I use, literally everything else has been updated.

Sadly i found some bugs.

This one is very big as it legit breaks full match making.

Stuck on the loadingsreen for singleplayer for 10 minutes

You probably accidentally deleted files in replicated storage.

I’m not sure i did.


Infinite loading looks like the place was either not prepared correctly or that you don’t have the correct ID’s in ReplicatedStorage > BloxyKartService.

The BuildModeMatches file in ReplicatedStorage is simply a relic to Build Mode from the real Bloxy Kart. I believe that I forgot to remove something in StarterGui.

Seems awesome so far! Keep up the great work.

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Wow, thanks for opening a great game for everyone to use!

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Bloxy Kart v4.5 recently finished development. Would you like an OpenKart v4.5, or are you fine with v4.4? Please note not all features of Bloxy Kart will be added to OpenKart just like the initial version of OpenKart.

  • Keep OpenKart v4.4
  • Make OpenKart v4.5

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ik this post is old but can someone show pictures of the steps? i think i messed something up since im stuck in an infinite loading screen i didnt delete anything from replicatedstorage