[OPEN]Looking For Active Developers

Hello, I am looking for a builder, Artist, and animator,.

About Us

Hi there! We are Stardust Studios and we are an upcomming group that will make all sorts of games.

The Team
@ZakrapGamingYT - Owner
@ bilalthedestroyer - Scripter

About The Job

Hello, I am looking for a builder, Artist, and animator,. To make a map, shop, and weapon animation. :smiley: the Artist/GUI/GFX designer, needs to make a game icon/thumbnail for me.
I also would Like to get a scriptor.


We will NOT be able to pay you unless we get payed from the game. remember We do NOT scam and we do not plan on doing so. The sooner the game is out and ready for people to play the sooner my team will get payed.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. My discord username is: ZakrapGamingYT#8981

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Incase the game succeeds, what will be the payment? If the game doesn’t succeed do you have any back up plan?

I already have 100 robux in my group for emergancy. Like when the game does not succeed.

Alright, but what will be the payment if the game suceeds?

it depends. How good and hard you worked for the game. And how active you are. I do check up on my staff without them knowing.

Ok, but what will be the payment on average?

let’s say. If you are a builder you will get 10% at the least of all the funds.

10% per a builder is a really small payment. And also you didn’t specify if you want the builder to build in low-poly or high-poly.

I would like the builder to build in low-poly.

And that is also why 10% is the lowest.

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