[Open][Paypal/R$] Looking for a 2D Artist to Complete Gamepass & Badge Art

About Us

Hey there! I represent Starlight, a small indie studio currently finishing up our first full Roblox Release.

The Team
@TimesIllusion - Scripting, Building, Design
@Inflixion - Building, Design

About The Job

We’re currently looking for a 2D artist with some experience in Gamepass and Badge graphic creation to help us finish up that aspect of the project. In total, we’re needing 8 gamepass/devproduct icons, and 8 badge graphics.

The gamepass icons will be fairly simple. We were thinking the typical sort of two shade stripes/rays originating from the center sort of background with a simple item of some sort in front and text accompanying it where needed. The badges will be fairly similar to this style, however with text as the focus. Artistic liberty on this project is pretty open, so if you think these might be better done a different way feel free to bring it up.


Payment is negotiable but generally whatever you consider a fair price for the project (within reason, obviously) will usually work fine for us. We do need these done as quickly as possible, so extra payment for a fast completion can be discussed as well. We prefer paying through Paypal, however Robux payments via group payouts can be discussed as well.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Time#8073
I look forward to working with you to get this done.

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