[OpenSource] ActiveVignette system using Particles

I made a quick vignette system that takes advantage of ParticleEmitters to create moving and dynamic Vignettes for a variety of reasons. I’ll be adding support for adjusting FieldOfView/AspectRatio dynamically (Right now you just have to create a new vignette, rip) and a few other variables that will let you use this to it’s full extent.

Current usage:

local ActiveVignette = require(script:WaitForChild("ActiveVignette"))

local Vignette = ActiveVignette:CreateVignette(game.ReplicatedStorage.VignetteEffects:GetChildren()) --// creates a new vignette

Vignette:Enabled(false/true) --// disables the particle effects associated with this vignette

Vignette:Destroy() --// completely destroys the vignette

Please leave feedback as well as suggested features! I’ll be building on this in my free time!


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