Opensource Placement System

Placement System

*Last Updated: 2/8/23*

:wave: Hey there, I’m TrentaFX a Roblox Game Developer. Recently I’ve been looking around some of my creations and came across some unused one’s that I think could really help some people out or even learn from! Therefore I have decided to opensource this placement system.

:question:The placement system is easy to set up and has a clean and organized code so you can modify it to all your liking. It includes boundries, ability to rotate, multiple items to place (can be customized) & much more!


Video Placement System

PlacementSystem.rbxm (17.6 KB)

Download the file, and drag the downloaded file into “workspace” or right click workspace and then press insert from file


If you’re interested in hiring me for a job or commission feel free to contact me by joining my server using code: RBvZ3e4Mkg or by simply leaving me a message here on the DevForum!


this looks sick!:star_struck: i’m surely going to try this out and maybe make something with it :thinking:


made it support models, and made the buttons not hardcoded and will automatically make the buttons


Hey mind if i ask how did u manage to make it compatible with models?

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Can you share how you did models?

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is it possible for this to have a snap to grid option, .1 or 1 would be best, not sure where to plop it

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this looks amazing, does it work with terrain though?

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heeeeeeeeeelllloooooooooo how does models work?

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Probably using :PivotTo on a model…

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TrentaFx please make it work with Models

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a hint. primary parts. ------------

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A better hint:

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Can you make a guide of how you make it compatible with Models?

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What could that used for? I don’t understand how would you use
:PivotTo to make it work with models?

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Sorry about slow response.

Every PVInstance (Position, Velocity) has a pivot point. Parts, models, unions etc. The pivot point is the origin of the PVInstance, meaning any manipulations done to the PVInstance will use that as the “center”, and maintain relative offsets of children.

This means: you can move the pivot point and rotate something around a different axis than what you normally do (which is rotate around the object’s center).

This is the standard pivot point of this model:

I’ll move it using the edit pivot tool.

Now, when I rotate this model using the rotate tool, you can see we rotate from the pivot.

You can use this in your script by doing model:PivotTo(CFrame).
This will set the CFrame of the pivot point to the input CFrame, and move the rest of the model with it.

I tried using :PivotTo then putting the mouse.Hit.Position but it goes to the screen. How would I fix this problem?

To the screen? Like, to the mouse’s position on the 2D viewport, instead of the world?

This is what I mean:

I can’t see your video, it says no video with supported format.

Here’s the MP4 version of the video: