[OPEN][USD] Hiring a UI designer

UI Developer needed

About me

I go by Rayvn and I am an aspiring game designer. I am currently in search for long term partner(s) to assist me on a current project.

About The Job

I’m looking for a UI designer who can create the games entire UI, import it, and scale it. I need everything from a menu, inventory, shop, level, and health bar.The theme and genre is horror based. I’ll go into full details once an individual decides to take up the job.
I’m looking for someone with a high amount of experience although anyone is welcome to apply.


I’m paying anywhere from $100-350. My only form of pay for this project will be USD through PayPal. We can discuss this further in DMs.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord at Rayvn#0001.
Your best bet if applying is to leave your Discord below or DM me here beforehand.


Sent you a friend request Username:3MASTER9#6327


My discord is Trophane#8773

I’m interested. My Discord is Snaps#1024. I can go over examples with you there.

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