Operation Blizzard - Credits and Update Log

Update 2.2.1 - Re-Birthday 2022 :cake:

Today is my birthday, and as promised here is the patch for this day. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes from friends and fans. I hope to keep on doing more years and working on this great game.

  • New foodor drink. The “Horchata” as promised is worth 150 Agent Points! you can find it in the creator’s tent.
  • New food! But for free! The “Vanilla Ice Cream” the creator… wait a minute… well anyway she is giving away free ice cream at the entrance of Glacier Village. This ice cream will be annual and will be given away every September 23rd.
    NOTE :warning:: Ice cream will only be available until September 25th.

But… I’m feeling supportive today.

  • Easter Route 2022 is available again to get the badge and prizes. This promotion will only last until September 25th, it will probably be available again this year…

That’s about it. I hope you enjoy the last updates of this month because in October the Spooky Glacier II update is coming :ghost:

The creator as said before will be selling her food until ̶S̶e̶p̶t̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶3̶0̶t̶h̶ October 1st.

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Update 2.2.1.b - September 25, 2022 Patch

  • “Vanilla Ice Cream” has been removed
  • The Easter Route 2022 badge can no longer be obtained
  • The creator has returned to normal at the start of the game.
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Update 2.3 - Spooky Glacier II (Halloween 2022) :jack_o_lantern:

Halloween has arrived and today October 1, 2022 kicks off this small event for the occasion, enjoy all this month the things you can collect in this (somewhat big) content update.

  • Added a limited time store, we have many doubts about who is that pumpkin but surely he has many artifacts for you to buy (4 Tools and 2 Offers with robux).
  • Added a new food (or drink) the “Witches Brew”, classic drink made with brew from a cauldron, exported from the Robloxian lands of those years; now available for purchase in the Philips Cafeteria for 666 Agent Points.
  • Added again the Candy Bucket, you remember we said this might be back, right? well, now it’s a gamepass that you can buy for :robux_light:15 robux and you can keep it forever.
  • Added the “Ghost Bag”, it’s the free tool of this update, you can get it looking for it all over the Glacier Village map and the two available routes. Talk to Merida for information.
  • Now you can buy Agent Points! yes, now you can. Buy Agent Points packs in various robux amounts that are somewhat affordable to your economy. This system is in testing and you may see bugs, please contact us if you see a bug occur and we will try to fix it.
  • Decreased the seconds of each points reward = 60 > 55
  • Decreased agent points = 95 > 85
  • Saving Agent Points, as expected was bound to happen. The game saves your Agent Points automatically.
  • Added Halloween decorations to Glacier Village.
  • New lights on the Red Ball and Easter 2022 routes.
  • Added a server timer and a Team PSA watermark to the user GUI.
  • Improved performance and data saving.

That’s all about this update, it’s very big and we hope to continue working on the remaining ones and on chapter 2 of the game and… two prequels. Thank you very much for the great support and we will continue to develop this game and support it at any time, month and year.

Happy Halloween (for those who celebrate it)! :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

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Update 2.3.1 - New Grade Update :red_circle:

  • Added a new easter egg from the game story, you can find it in a… somewhat mysterious place. I recommend you to do it because it shows a lot of the story of the game!
  • Apparently there is a somewhat… peculiar construction in the center of Glacier Village, talk to a somewhat known guy if you want to know some “information”… (I don’t think he’ll give it to you)
  • Performance improvements

We’re preparing Part 2 of the Halloween event soon… but we’d appreciate a little bit of a wait.

The Halloween event runs until November 19th. Due to several last minute changes.

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Update 2.3.2 - Eerie Season (Spooky Glacier II Part 2) :skull: :fallen_leaf:

The Blood Moon has come to haunt those unsuspecting Trick-Or-Treaters, well not so much but here is Part 2 of the Halloween 2022 update (Spooky Glacier II).

I’ve renamed this part 2 to Eerie Season (btw)

Now for the changes:

  • 5 new tools, get them by buying them or doing NPC tasks.
  • New environment… spooky… heh… a purple fog and a bloody moon covers the whole Glacier Village map, hope you think it’s cool!
  • New construction in the center of the map, apparently those guys have already started to work on it.
  • New characters: Nooby, Gnomed and Maria (quest characters and a store character).
  • New Whats New? table. This one introduces the Star Changes :star:, the most notorious changes are shown here, otherwise the rest will appear in this change-log.
  • Powerful improvements with respect to the Tools
  • We have removed the ability to buy Agent Points temporarily due to a critical bug.
  • Disabled saving Agent Points temporarily due to the same critical bug.

And… hey! to finish with this I want to communicate that this week there will be little activity in Team PSA support and updates of our games due to the fact that I’m in final exams week. However after these we will start working on what we have left like Chapter 2.

See you soon… Happy Trick-Or-Treat my friends, let’s show off those costumes! :jack_o_lantern:

Y Día de Muertos para amigos de Latinoamérica y España! (Aunque de otros lados también!) :skull: :fallen_leaf:

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Update 2.3.3 - November 1, 2022 Patch

  • Maria’s hair has been updated.
  • Updated the hair of a builder of the village center construction.
  • Fixed several bugs with the dialogs of various NPCs.
  • Candy Bucket price have been updated to :robux_light:13
  • Updated the Fancy Ghost Plushie model with new effects.
  • New background music (La Adelita)
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Update 2.3.4 - Team PSA Cup 2022 :soccer: :trophy:

Hello everybody! Today started a very important sport event, and to celebrate it we have released a new update for Operation Blizzard!

  • Added a soccer store; buy items and have fun with the two mini events that are related to the tools, there will also be a second rotation of items this December 12, 2022.
  • Added two new foods to the Philips Cafeteria: Turkey Leg (133 Agent Points) and Goala Cola (222 Agent Points). Please note that Goala Cola will last until December 24 (end of the Team PSA Cup event) and Turkey Leg until December 31.
  • New Winter atmosphere in Glacier Village, it looks like winter is coming and get ready for the biggest party of the year, Christmas!
  • Team PSA Center is ready to open the third floor of its installations… this December 24th!
  • x1.5 Agent Points for the month of November! As a gift from us for this Thanksgiving :turkey:.
  • Added new monthly gift under the christmas tree

And that’s it, we’ll see you this December 1st to kick off with the Winter Solstice III :christmas_tree: update and a collaboration with some friends! :eyes:


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Update 2.3.5 - November 24, 2022 Patch :shopping_cart:

:turkey: Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:

  • Discount for all foods in the Philips Cafeteria
  • Candy Bucket has been put on sale but now with 13% discount

See you on December 1st!

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Update 2.3.6 - Scurry Reach Update

Hello everyone! Happy December… we have released a new update… but this time it is a collaboration with our friends from Novelty Games, this time it is very special because it is our first time and we hope that this collaboration will be a big step for the unity of two teams and one friendship.

Now the changes:

  • Added a new route: Nextbot Chase. Complete it to get a badge that will give you the Philips skin in Scurry Reach. :gift:
  • New Christmas atmosphere, the party gets very cold and festive.
  • Team PSA Center now shares the premises with Novelty Games!

This is a patch… and it’s still 3.4.2… and where is 3.5?
In response to that, on December 5th we will release the Winter Solstice III update because we are preparing something extremely big for this big anniversary party… And we promise 4 parts for this update!

Merry Christmas and see you on December 5th!

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Update 2.4 - Winter Solstice III (Part 1) :christmas_tree:

Happy Holidays, Agents! The most awaited party of the year is here… Christmas and… the anniversary of Glacier Village, this is still the first part of the event and we are preparing the other parts because this event has 4 parts in total!

Now the changes:

  • Christmas and Anniversary Event! In this event there will be 12 new Tools and a Gift Hunt event all over Glacier Village to get free Tools and others that can be bought with Agent Points.
  • Gifts on specific days, these are free and these will be under the Christmas tree in the center of Glacier Village, these are only available to get for 3 days then can be purchased with Agent Points or Robux if they could not be obtained.
  • New food in the Philips CafeteriaHot Chocolate! At only 224 Agent Points and available only for this update.
  • Now the Winter Solstice II Candy Cane is back and can be purchased for :robux_light:12
  • Added Sparkles for Candy Bucket and Candy Cane Tools for original owners, because these Tools can be purchased with Robux the original owners will get Sparkles on their Tools to show they are “vintage”.
  • Powerful performance enhancements.

Upgrade notes:

  • The Gift Hunt event has not yet started but will start in part 2 this December 12, 2022. :gift:
  • The center tree gifts will be obtained on the following days: December 6, December 12, December 20, December 24 and December 31 (each one lasts 3 days for free). There is one that will be available until January 6, 2023 which is the Delay Gift (It will always be free).

Happy Holidays to all and I hope you enjoy this Anniversary and Christmas event!

With Love: Team PSA :heart: :christmas_tree:

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Update 2.4.1 - Winter Solstice III (Part 2) :snowflake:

Happy Holidays! We are only one week away from Christmas and we have decided to release this update today… presenting part 2 of the Winter Solstice III update!

Now the changes:

  • 3 New Gifts and 3 New Missions, featuring: Happy Elf, Kris Kringle and Lucie, they will give them to you and you can find them around Glacier Village, each one has a gift for you and made by Santa and Karoline!
  • Every day until December 24th a new gift to get, these gifts can be missions, free or purchasable.
  • x2.5 Agent Points for 3 days!
  • %25 Off on all food in the Philips Cafeteria!
  • New change in the teleporters: ProximityPrompts, this for the Scurry Reach posters and the Operation Christmas Eve Pad.
  • New Novelty Games clothes have been placed in Team PSA Center!

See you in a week with Part 3 of the update, happy holidays! :christmas_tree: :fireworks:

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Update 2.4.2 - Xmas Update 2022 :christmas_tree:

  • Added the December 24th Gift under the Xmas tree in the center.
  • Removed “The Goala Cola” from the Philips Cafeteria.
  • Removed Team PSA Cup event
  • Added to the game code the Tools of part 3 of Winter Solstice III
  • Rebalanced the “Empanada Cat Nextbot” adding more damage and attack speed.
  • Rebalanced the “Penguin Friend” Tool: Now the health is given every 5 seconds.
  • Rebalanced the Obbys: Now the agents receive 25 damage for each touch, New checkpoints in the Nextbot Chase route.

Happy Holidays from Team PSA! :heart: :christmas_tree: :fireworks:

If you want to know about what happened to part 3 read this.

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Update 2.5 - Anniversary Update [Released; undocumented; January 2, 2023] OperationBlizzardMinIcon

  • Chapter 2 is now available to play!
  • Added the Community Quality Item: Anniversary Cake.

Update 2.5.1 - Deal Update OperationBlizzardMinIcon

  • Added the temporary gift store to get the daily gifts that could not be obtained during Winter Solstice III, you can buy them individually with Agent Points or a bundle with 24 Robux. Until March 12th!
  • A small improvement in the Philips Cafeteria, now the purchase hitbox is longer and the GUI has been tweaked and the prices have been raised a bit.
  • [[Deals]]???
  • The festive atmosphere has been removed, winter is melting!

Sorry for the delay of this update, I hope you have enjoyed these 2 months long update of Winter Solstice III, let’s hope you won’t see any other delays…

Valentine’s Day event coming soon, let’s hope your sinful hearts will be broken, agents!

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Update 2.5.2 - Valentine’s Day 2023 :heartpulse:

Alone on the 14th? Well, don’t worry, in this update you can enjoy this day without a partner! Just start farming Hearts and collect all the prizes!

  • New Valentine’s Day Event, enjoy these 4 days (February 11th - February 15th) with new prizes and the new currency the Hearts (They are found all over the map and each one gives 14 Hearts.), these can be exchanged for prizes in Hearty’s gift store. She is the new character of this event, she really… is very spicy. :smirk:
  • New food in Philips Cafeteria: The Second Banana :banana:, recover 6 HP in each bite with this food (It is not a limited food).
  • The snow is totally melted! Enjoy the spring atmosphere!
  • New indicators for Team PSA and Novelty Games developers
  • Get the Tool Chocolate for :robux_light:14, you know, all those event tools always come back.
  • Bug fixes

That’s all for now! Wait for the new update this March 12, 2023, if you don’t have anyone on the 14th don’t worry, Operation Blizzard is eternal.

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Major Update: 2.6 - Summer 2023 :sunny:

An update awaited by some people, and others… lost hope, but those who are still there. It’s time to refresh yourself this Summer because… finally. The major update has
Get ready for this heavy update… of content!!!.. But, it’s time to see the changes!

  • Summer Event 2023, after so long… it’s time to refresh. From August 4th to September 30th enjoy the Summer Event, collect Suns in Glacier Village or wait every 60 seconds for 10 Suns to redeem at the event store! (This event includes 8 new items).
  • Summer Package 2023, an exclusive package for the event, at only :robux_gold:23, get 4 new items (1 exclusive of purchase):
    –Taunt: Smug Dancin
    –Pigeon Mask
    –Diamond Boombox (Purchase Exclusive)
    The package can be obtained with Agent Points (individual items) except the Diamond Boombox. This in the event store.
  • New GUI, to refresh your eyes with a new view (not lemonade), made to modernize the environment a bit.
  • New Items category: Taunts.
  • Item Qualities (finally documented); Unusual, Genuine, Gifted, Vintage, Unique and Community. These are given to each item in the game.
  • First phases of the new Item Schema rehaul, since Winter Solstice III we have been pushing this new addition to the game, it brings with it better icons and the new item qualities,
    we are starting strong and hope to continue with the rehaul of this system.
  • AHEM, well, let’s talk about the small permanent Crossover of Funny Game and Operation Blizzard; now certain Funny Game badges give items in Operation Blizzard, enjoy them.
  • Visual improvements in Glacier Village.
  • (Hopefully) Improved game performance.

Minor changes

  • From now on all events give 10 of the event currency every 60 seconds.
  • Number of players per server is now 5; affects all places in the game.
  • Changed various sounds and music in the game.
  • Added TextChatService to the game.
  • Golden Wrench and Wrench items now have attack functionality. 65 damage per hit.
  • Updated Chapter 2 and Operation Christmas Eve with the new game GUI.
  • Added a statue in honor of Erik Cassel in the forest of Glacier Village.
  • Disabled the Boombox purchase; I’m currently working on something for this Gamepass, it will be reinstated later, for now the only way to get a Boombox is with the Summer Pack.

Thank you for waiting for this update and confirming this doubt, if there will be Spooky Glacier and Winter Solstice this year; and I also thank from the bottom of my heart to all those who waited and have hopes in the game.
I also thank all of you who waited and have hopes in the game about this update, your patience is a gift for me. Happy Summer! :heart: :sunny:

Play The Game Here

Minor Update: 2.6.1 - Granadera II :honduras: :el_salvador: :costa_rica: :guatemala: :nicaragua:

So as last year Granadera was a patch to celebrate the 201st anniversary of Central America’s independence, this year it’s back! And now celebrating 202 years.

This minor update includes some small changes and one gameplay change!

  • Baleda and Horchata are back, this time Baleada costs 202 Agent Points (it will change depending on how many years of independence). However, Horchata will still cost 150 Agent Points. This sale is located in the Glacier Village center at the Baleada stand and will only last until September 30, 2023.
  • Sprint, from now on you will be able to Sprint in Operation Blizzard; currently with the LeftShift key and for the moment only on PC, soon it will be available for Console and Mobile (and it’s only possible in chapter 1, soon it will be available for the other chapters and prequels).
  • Now the Smug Dancin Taunt is no longer movable, so the Agent will stay in the same place where the taunt was performed.
  • Minor map improvements
  • Changed Jems face in the original Operation Blizzard route.

This is a minor update that adds an annual tradition, thank you very much to everyone for supporting the summer event, remember that until September 30, 2023 this event will be available and later the Spooky Glacier III update will come.
Happy Independence to Central America, Mexico and Chile. :honduras: :el_salvador: :costa_rica: :guatemala: :nicaragua: :chile: :mexico:

Play The Game Here

Major Update Release News & QnA: Spooky Glacier III

Hi everyone, as you all may know, on the Team PSA Twitter I posted a Tweet about my PC being damaged and I can’t currently update any games due to the fact that my father still won’t repair it. But I won’t go into that topic.

The delay of the major update should be Spooky Glacier III, an annual update that has been coming for some time now (officially in 2021, not 2020.) It may be complete as early as October or even November, however, this also affects Winter Solstice IV and Chapter 3. So, no promises right now other than just some plans for this upcoming update which can be found on the Operation Blizzard Trello.


Q: Will this affect this in the long term?
A: Maybe yes, but it will be temporary as I really need to work not only in secondary areas, but I also need to develop my other projects besides this one.

Q: Will it be a big update?
A: Not so much, I will only add three new items and I will reuse all the old ones from last year, but I will try to give Vintage support to the items already collected by their former owners.

Q: How is chapter 3 coming along?
A: Although I haven’t talked much about it, the preliminary concepts and how it will be developed are already planned, so I just need to start building the map and create some new characters, so it may take me the whole month of November and December to work on it.

Thank you very much for your patience and support to Team PSA!

Minor Update: 2.6.2 - Halloween 2023 :jack_o_lantern:

So, here it is, only, not as promised. But, at least it’s something, isn’t it, well… the Halloween 2023 Update is here (not Spooky Glacier III), returning to the same event as last year and with some added content, I’m working hard with Chapter 3 and Winter Solstice IV.

What’s added to this update:

  • Halloween 2023 Event, collect pumpkins and exchange them for event items in the stores. From October 31st to December 1st.
  • Added back last year’s stores and quests to this Halloween event.
  • Added 2 new items to the Halloween event.
  • Halloween Glacier Village decoration.
  • Added New Item Pack: Team Fortress Taunt Pack (:robux_gold:15).
  • Put on sale again: Candy Bucket (:robux_gold:13), Boombox (:robux_gold:15).
  • Improved the game terrain.

Only these features were added in this update, although, it is too little, this is considered as a minor update.

After my exam week (after November 13th) I will start working on what is coming in the future to Operation Blizzard such as Chapter 3 and Winter Solstice IV. Also expect soon also an update for Funny Game (or Dead Game). Happy Halloween to all! :jack_o_lantern:

Play The Game Here

Minor Update: 2.6.2.b - Item Schema (Part 1) :christmas_tree:

It’s almost Christmas… just a few days. But! I have a very heavy patch for what’s coming soon. This is the Item Schema! patch (its first part), this update promised since the beginning of the year is now available only in its first part.

  • Added new animations to most of the Items in the game.
  • Fixed the animations of the following Taunts: Conga and Smug.
  • Fixed the animations for certain foods.
  • Added new animation and icon for Kazotsky Kick.
  • Added new music for Conga.

And that’s all, that’s why I consider it too big but not for a major update.

The second part will come with Winter Solstice IV which will bring new icons for all Items in the game and finally the final addition of Item qualities. On Monday I start my exam week so I won’t be attending anything about my games, so until Friday I will be free from them and I can work on what is coming for December. Have a nice month of November!

Minor Update: 2.6.2.b_2 - November 17, 2023 patch :christmas_tree:

This is the patch that was already scheduled to be released this day. This patch does not bring a lot of things as it is only a start to the Blizzard coming at Christmas.

  • Removed Halloween 2023 Event.
  • Added the “Candy Canes” currency; this is not currently obtainable but is a placeholder for the next event’s currency.
  • Added the new items coming in the next event; unless you are a dumb exploiter you will know what they are.

On December 1st the Winter Solstice IV will start, so get ready!
Oh! I almost forgot. On Friday November 24th there will be some gamepasses offers and some other stuff. So… get ready for the holidays! :christmas_tree: