Operation Blizzard - Credits and Update Log

Minor Update: 2.7.2 - Back on No-Christmas Days

After such a long time!

The two shadow updates of Winter Solstice IV and the Fourth Anniversary will be documented later (just to clarify this).

Ah, 2024. A possible great year! Looking forward to what lies ahead (and hopefully good things), we’re off to a good start because this year could be a return of the deteriorated 2023 for Team PSA. All if I have time and I don’t get the nails of the university which will be only 1 more year!

After all, I have several announcements to make on this change-log that have to do with Team PSA’s Twitter (because we post super important announcements but almost nobody sees them!) so I will post them here too.

Now let’s go with this MINOR update, yes… MINOR. But what’s more?

  • Added Experimental Servers; These servers will be used by me to place ideas that come to me and I would like to know about the opinion of the only maybe 2 Operation Blizzard players about these features that can be added to the final product in some update.
  • New Music; Winter Collider (its first version and unused), by Sonico, the composer of this track for the cancelled Breaking World update for the Factory map of Scurry Reach passed me a very preliminary and cool version of the current track, this can be listened in the game globally, replacing Collider provided by ROBLOX. You can listen to this Track on some music platforms that the angry Staff of this place forbids me to mention! Then, you can go to this Team PSA Tweet where they are published.
  • And speaking of Scurry Reach, a few days ago it was updated to release the “Factory” map, inspired by the “ROBOX” company from the Operation Blizzard world. Now completing this map will give you a skin of the favorite video game chef: Philips, for free in the same game. But on the other hand, we give a developer-type weapon for those who complete the map, this weapon has to be handled very carefully! it has some… irregularities; so we don’t recommend 100% to have it in hand all the time.
  • End of the festive mood; my friend. It’s gone, but it’s still in our hearts.
  • Minor fixes; this game is still not 100% complete!

And that’s it. We want to link to the following devforum links for a few things:

  • Link to the Experimental servers change-log.
  • Link to the change-log of Shadow Updates.

We want to make this Tweet public here at once. About what happened about why 2023 was not a… great year for Operation Blizzard.

I want to better myself and improve myself as a person since I am not really a perfect being but the most possible thing to be is to improve myself. Therefore, I want to leave Operation Blizzard somewhat aside but without leaving my last dream before leaving ROBLOX and going to adult life. Completing the game. Since 2019 this was a project more for fun, there were twists so I could win Robux with it, but… it wasn’t the essence. So, I want to finish the game with 7 chapters in total. At the moment it only has 2, but I promise. I promise. To achieve my promise, while I make my life, explore it, make the story, write it.

I hope you have a good 2024 and aim for all you can, for we all deserve to be happy.

Greetings and blessings from the leader and sole developer of Team PSA!

Play The Masterpiece Here

You can also play Scurry Reach and complete that masterpiece of a map, made with love by Sonico! Show them!

Minor Update: 2.7.3 - Valentine’s Day 2024 :heartpulse:

Hello again! It seems that once again Operation Blizzard has updated, we all love this game, who doesn’t?

And speaking of loving, here goes the annual Valentine’s Day 2024 update.

Let’s take a look at the changes:

  • Valentine’s Day 2024 event; collect Hearts! each one gives 14 of them, spend them in the Hearty! event store, and why not? I added 2 new items to the store: Teddy Valentine and Hearty’s Sword. The owners of the Valentine gift will automatically get the Hearty’s Sword. The event lasts until February 16.
  • Return to LegacyChatService; due to how complicated in my opinion it is to use TextChatService and how easy to manipulate Legacy is (that doesn’t mean easy to customize) I returned to that type of chat due to the following features I will present one of these.
  • Commands; as you heard! Now Operation Blizzard has commands to configure certain things in-game, the commands are currently only for developers and contributors, but soon they will come for private servers, some of these commands are the Time Set, Global Announcement (Server, if used by non-developers.) and Votekick!
  • Votekick; a feature tested in 2022 in the public test game, however it was never completed until today… so how does it work? similar to votekick in CS:GO and TF2, you have to use the command in the chat /votekick Username to start a vote, players inside the server have 24 seconds to vote the called player, to avoid inconveniences and abuses and even fake kicks we are allowed to permanently ban those who abuse the feature. Votekicks are allowed if the called player is breaking Roblox rules or generally annoying players.
  • Improvement on some Items and early addition of the Item Schema; this update is planned to come in this March 2024! however we are polishing and adding some items also for this upcoming update, this will be a major update! so get ready for what content is coming.
  • Improved Nextbot Chase Route; I decided to make good on my promise to improve everything you see in the Rebels complex, as well as balancing the nextbot you now have a way to foolish! Yes as you hear it, unfortunately there is a bug about the key and that does not let you leave the place because it does not let you get it, this is because the key uses the purchase system of the game, taking away 1 Agent Point, however there are times where these do not appear on the leaderboard so you will need to go out and enter to see if it is solved. For the time being that will be it and we will update this in the future to see if it is fixed!
  • Chocolate; exactly. Back to only :robux_gold:14! (Only available until the end of the event).
  • Bug fixes and general improvements to the game, nothing new, it’s already a tradition.

And that’s it, this update didn’t cost much to make, I hope you don’t mind me using last year’s event again, plus I remodeled Hearty because roblox thinks her clothes are too… strange. But anyway I hope you enjoy valentine’s day, no matter with whom, show love to the one you appreciate the most!

Anyway, erm… expect an update in March.

Play The Masterpiece Here!

Minor Update: 2.7.3.c - Easter 2024 :egg:

Again! Anyway, here’s the Easter 2024 update…

Because on April 1st, get ready…

  • Added again the Easter 2024 event; this event brings everything from last year, plus the Eggs currency.
  • Added again the Easter route badge; same prizes as always.
  • Added the Chocolate Egg again, at only :robux_gold:12.
  • The easter egg of the hut has been turned on again…
  • Minimal improvements.

This is a patch, more than a simple minor update. This april fools will bring a lot of items and content… I will simply never let you down and will never give you up.

Play The Game Here!

Re-haul Update: 3.tc - Starboi Update :star:

“I’m a frickin’ starboi.”

Many say that feeling identified with a song is normal, Philips took it to the limit.

  • Added new route: Starboi; then, he has all the girls and his enemy envies him. Well…
  • 1 New Item; Cupcake!… at the beginning there will be a fake one… but there is a real one and you can keep it after the update.
  • 2 New Taunts; Paranormal Swagtivity, ok, Touhou has a good sountrack. And… you want to be the supposed “gigachad” “alpha man”, don’t you? Well if you’re a weirdo, then have the Taunt Bold, obtained by completing the Starboi route.
  • Someone is visiting us again, this green ogre hasn’t visited us for a while. Well, he’ll keep an eye on Glacier Village in the meantime.
  • New music; umm… I guess that math teacher is putting up his math propaganda in Glacier Village.

I hope you liked this too funny patch, I didn’t take too long to make it and decided to do it creatively and originally, with nothing else to say…

You can find the Items on the route by the way… and it looks like they have… very familiar methods of obtaining…

Happy April Fools!

Play The Masterpiece Here!