Operator. An easy to use lightweight Highly customizable Beginner Friendly Custom RBX Signal Module


Easy to use Lightweight Customizable Feature full Signal Creator

ModuleScript, And Docs

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(Also operator is named after telephone operators)

Why Use Operator over Roblox events and other modules


Normally when you want to create a signal you make a bindable events these are instances and end up being way more expensive then operator


With operator you can create signals that are Replicated so you can use them on both server and client + CROSS SERVER : )

Reconnecting Connections
Instead of connecting each time putting the function again you can just use :Reconnect() on a saved connection

Signal IDS
If you want you there is an optional id option in signals allowing you to quickly access signals you do not have saved

Great Now How to use it?

The api is Located on the Docs Read through all the docs to learn how to use operator effectively

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Will you use this/ Where?

  • in studio / Testing games.
  • In games made for fun.
  • Production level games.

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Expensive than the operator

Ok, heres some real feedback
I like what you have done here, but even though I might not use it, I could recommend it.

I just found a major vunurability heh
:warning: this is a vunurability that allows any code to be ran on the server :warning:

I get this was unintentional, but it doesn’t really seem like a good idea to release a resource with unchecked vulnerabilities, doesn’t it?

I also recommend against kicking players (ln154) even if you’re 100% sure only exploiters are able to fire that off purely for the peace of mind of not having false positives. There are better alternatives such as simply disconnecting the connection :smile:


ill make the kicking players togglable

also i coded this at like 1 2 am so im improving everything that I failed to realise at the time

read the docs Download v2 module script from link at top

just out of curiosity, how did this happen? can i see the old source code with this vulnerability?

The way shared signals were made in v1 was sending the signal to the server instead of the id and crap

so exploiters could send a new signal with the Fire function being anything you set it to so you could send a table with a function named Fire and put any code inside and they could make it get ran on the server.

I created v1 at like 1 / 2 am so I ended up with a bunch of crap so thats why v2 was made also

And heres V1

Functions cannot be sent through remotes, so what you’ve just described is impossible.

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Im unsure if that behavour exists however in a table will work(99% sure)

Tested and your right and even inside tables(wowwie)

out of curiosity how would you send a function through then?

New Polls added
Also Rewrite in works so backend will be much more clean and clear

You wouldn’t, as you can’t. You can use shared modules for this (in ReplicatedStorage), I don’t think there’s any other ‘solution’.

the only other solution is a loadstring or a lua vm but nobody is this stupid

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