Opinion 3d desing GFX

I would like my opinion about my small 3D design icon I just adapted to the new textures of the blender 2.9 version

I have 2 years without updating in the GFX design I gave my all thanks


oh god thats really good an creepy

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Seriously thank you very much for your opinion, if I receive more support I will do a redesign of my old gfx

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when do u mean redesign???

Friend, I’m sorry for my bad English, it’s like doing it again, but better, I have time doing gfx and many old gfx from 2 years ago who are not the best we say

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It looks alright, but Spider-Man looks way too…puffy, or wrinkly.

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The render quality itself doesn’t look bad, but spiderman looks like he’s going through rough days.
The clothing is way too wrinkled and folded, add less creases. Then again, spiderman’s suit is tight on him, so there shouldn’t be many folds in the first place.

Other than that it’s not too bad.

Spiderman has a baggy suit :open_mouth:

turn down the displacement a tad on the suit
otherwise very nice

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