Opinion about the lantern build

Hello, my name is Scar and right now on, I would like to receive some feedback about my latest build

Here is the screenshot of it down below


wow its cool.but it looks bland for me maybe try some more colors and make the candle glow.overall its good!


Mostly the candle itself glows very well in the game, it’s just because of my terrible screenshoting, it made the model itself look worse, so if you want to see an actual model, you can ask me and I’ll send a link of the game where you can review it at.

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yeah thanks it would be glad to see it my self!

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Here is the link of the game.

Looks great! Maybe try making that handle a little more round. Simply using more parts and rotating them or utilizing a plugin like Archimedes to do it for you should make it look a lot better.

Hey there!

I love the design of the lantern, and I feel like you can add and adjust a few things to improve it.

First off, the colors used in it look a bit bland. Mostly White and a bit of dark grey isn’t something you’d see in many lanterns. You should try going for black or a dark grey color as your primary color, and maybe light grey or white or yellow for secondary.

Secondly, the light blue from the glass looks a bit odd. I think you should redo the inside of the lantern, and maybe go for something without the candle showing. Or you could remove that second layer on the inside that’s going over the first, and make the glass around the candle yellow because the candle should give off light, so it should have a glow, if that makes sense. Here are some possible references for the inside of the candle.


Maybe also make the handle smooth because if you compare it to reality, your handle would be uncomfortable to hold and it looks unnatural. Maybe go into blender and make it smooth.

I hope this helps.


The model that I just built was from a ww1 lantern design, here is an image down below


It’s a really good effort but i have a few suggestions which could help you make it better.

  1. Try making the handle more smoother, either via unions or more rotated parts.

  2. The metal rims around the glass could actually be removed and the glass could be improved.

  3. Could decrease the transparency of the glass so the candle would be more easily visible.

Other than that, it’s pretty awesome!


Ah, I see. Well, there’s a lot of things that seem to be off about the actual model compared to the reference.

There shouldn’t be a candle there, and the glass covering the candle shouldn’t take up the entire thing, and maybe adjust the colors to make it more tan because white is a somewhat bland color. The handle could also have a cylinder because the reference has one. You can get creative and make your own handle. Also, try using smaller increments, I suggest 0.25. It lets you build with more detail and you can be more precise. The glass could maybe be more transparent as well, and you could make it yellow as if the candle gave off a glow.

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I’ll surely enough agree with the 1st one and I’ll try my best to make the handle smoother, but the whole entire point of this model having that kind sheet of glass, was done on purpose, just to show off it’s age, like all rustiness and all.

It’s very interesting and all, but I also forgot to mention lantern with a candle too (Sorry if I am being too mean by all that)


soo hmm i see what you’re trying to do. Maybe try lowering the transparency and then adding a rusted decal (make the decal a bit transparent too)
or you can you mix two materials (glass and corroded metal in this case) with glass having 0.6 transparency and corroded metal having 0.8.
in case these cannot be done, you should alter the glass colour a bit since it doesn’t really give off the “Age” vibe.

Okay, thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate that a lot.

Make the primary color darker then and add a little rust with textures. The candle should be darker and the glass should be yellow/orange-ish

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He obviously used Archimedes, also if he were to make it so you could hardly see the faces, that would lag the hell out of any game.

Despite of me using it on every build or game, it does not always lag for me, so I am perfectly fine with that.

I was saying if you used Archimedes to make a smooth handle it would lag. Smooth as in you cannot see the faces

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Despite of me working on the lantern to make it look better, I am currently trying my best tho

The handle could be curved more, there are plenty of free meshes that are in the shape of a half circle. The rest looks nice, but be sure to make the window made out of the glass material

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