>Opinion and recommendation

I need your opinion on this SCP hallway.

Any recommendation to make it better?

Take in count it’s one of my first SCP creations, though I think it’s good looking for now.



It’s really good, it’s probably me but I feel that the red lights on the floor shouldn’t glow. In my opinion, the hallway is going to be really bright if the red lights glow.


I think that the red lights should not be neon, but (and saying this of your planning to script it) they can turn neon if a breach occured.


It’s quite good but what the black thingy at the middle top?

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It’s certainly under detailed my small recommendation would be to add those important details onto the wall to have a more define hallway result you could add pipes, vent elements, lighting features, and more. At the start there is quite a lot of space that could be filled with small details, if your planning on improving it right now or in the future.

I would just try having a few images by your side to gather the details that are missing or things you could add to make it more interesting with less empty spaces. It isn’t much at the start now as it seems to be in progress still, but you need to start planning on what type of hallway your going for curved hallways - straight.

Overall, there is still space for improvements.


it’s like just decoration for example to make the wifi work

It’s really good! Although I would change the lighting to maybe a shade of blue if your going for a futuristic look like the blue lights now, and make it more of a curved hallway instead of just clad walk, floor, roof etc. So far looks great!

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thanks that will work :slight_smile:

thank you! i’ll try your recommendation

Its really good but I think the side walls are kind of left plain you could add a vent and a particle coming out of the vent like smoke but instead of smoke you could add something else, overall its really good

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