Opinion for my game's teaser

Hey developers!

I just finished editing a teaser for a game I’ve been working on for the past 8-9 months since it’s close to releasing but I think there’s some key elements missing and that’s why I’m asking for feedback from all of you.

The objective of the teaser is to “tease” peoples, I don’t really consider this a “trailer”. (Oh also I made it 30s because of Roblox’s restrictions concerning the videos you upload as a thumbnail on your game’s page)

If you need more informations, the game is focused around the games “UNDERTALE” and “DELTARUNE”, it’s a pvp/pve game where you embody a character from the said games and battle it on a variety of maps using cool abilities.


The map seems really nice and so is the teaser. I just think that maybe the first part of the teaser showing around everything could be a little slower so that you could look around the map more!

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Thanks! A lot of peoples told me that the camera movement was a bit too fast too, I’ll consider that for the next time. Though I had to keep it quick since the Roblox’s restrictions concerning the thumbnails.