Opinion of my escape game!

Hello everyone!

I’m part of the EscapeLab Studio development group and we’ve created a new Roblox experience based on escape and obby games.

The experience is based on escaping from the King of the Frogs, set in his burrow. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on creating eye-catching art, as these types of games are very popular in Roblox and it’s our way of trying to differentiate ourselves from the rest (all the art is our own).

Although we had a very good first day, where we had a peak of more than 100 simultaneous players thanks to the addition of paid ads, after a few minutes it dropped and we were down to almost 0 users.

From what we have investigated, we believe it was because Roblox promoted the game a lot for an hour, but when the credits ran out they stopped doing so, causing them to stop appearing in the players’ feed.

We also have to add that we don’t have a lot of money to be able to generate massive ads.

We would like you to try it out and give us your honest opinion, so that we can see which parts of the game can be improved and create a better experience.

Link to the experience here!
Also, we have some questions that we would like to solve and generate some debate.

  • Which social networks help to make an experience grow?
  • What tools can be used to make the group grow?
  • Which Roblox ads are better for this kind of games?

:frog: Thank you very much to all of you! :frog:


One recommendation I have is to make the lever and wire at the beginning more in sync with the trapdoor that drops, since the trapdoor drops before the lever is done moving and the wire turns green. (I’m not criticizing it, just making a suggestion).


Another thing I noticed is that you can skip the obby in the 4th stage and jump across the water.


It’s true that the recommendation you make in your first comment would make the game make more sense, so we’ll write it down for things to add.

About your second comment, we are aware of the existence of this exploit, but we like to leave some ways for clever players to improve their times by finding these kinds of shortcuts.

Thank you very much for your time and we hope you enjoyed the game :))


Great fun. Loved the frogs. There were other people on when I played, but I think they weren’t sure what to do at times and so they left. Perhaps gentle hits to prompt them would increase play time. Also make sure your respawn points face the correct way. Sometimes I respawned facing the previous obby which was confusing.


I finished. tbh the more I played the game, the more blown away I was by it. Fantastic game play and puzzles. I don’t like standard obbies of jumping over kill bricks but truly enjoyed this game. The style and originality was fantastic.


We’re glad that you enjoyed it! It’s true that we have to investigate where people get stuck the most in order to keep the challenge high but without making the experience frustrating.
We have some difficulties with fixing the respawn direction but we are still working on it because it is true that it can be very confusing. Thank you very much for your feedback!

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OK. There is a fundamental issue with the first frog. I have just sat beside someone watching them play through and once the switch is thrown the first frog moves towards them at an impossible speed. You are unable to avoid the frog at all

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This is the first I have heard of this bug. Could you give me more information about the game, like if it had internet crashes or what device the person who had the error was playing on?
And when you say the first lever, do you mean the one in the lobby or the lever in front of the frog to complete the trial? Thank you!

OK so it was the frog by the second lever. He initially selected Medium as the game type. Upon activating the lever, the frog moved forward at a ridiculous speed. I advised to reset and try Easy thinking that was the cause, but it made no difference. Also advised to play in 3rd person as I find the arms somewhat distracting in 1st person.
User on PC, no game crashes observed (I was sat beside him as he played it).

Another minor issue observed is that the frog coins sometimes do not spawn. Are these collected via a local script? I suspect not as I have joined the game a few times and noticed they are not there. Or are they a collect once only and on subsequent visits they do not spawn?

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We have just tested this again and the frog is doing exactly the same thing again. Once the switch is changed, the frog reaches the player in around 1 second, giving no time to escape.

We have checked and the problem is caused by how the frog moves. If you use a frame rate setting in ClientSettings greater than 60fps, then the frog moves fast. I would assume therefore that you are moving the frog on RenderStep perhaps, thus causing the problem.

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Sorry for not replying, I had to focus on another project.
I have been trying to fix the error and even though I fixed the fps it was still happening. I think it’s because of the way I triggered the event, although I’m not sure if it’s fixed because I don’t know how to replicate the bug.

Thanks for your feedback, it’s a great help :slight_smile:

If you want us to test, just let me know and we can run through it again.

It would be very helpful if you could test if the error still occurs in the second trial.