Opinion on an island I created (please be honest)

I spent a few hours on what I called a “season island,” which has to do with the content of the current shop (currently it’s about wilderness campers and pirates). So I wanted to ask what you think of the island, should I perhaps add a few more things?

I’m happy about any answer (honest) :smile:


Wow, that’s a really cool map!

Though, a few pieces of advice would be to add sand at the place where the ocean meets the island as well as expanding the islands a bit. I also see that the bridges and docks are EXTREMELY dangerous! Anyone can fall in the water! They also seem to be quite unstable. Add railings and more support to them.

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Thankyou that are good idears ( there are Just NPC’s ON the Island, the Player can watch Themen working )

Oh, so it’s not suppose to be accessible? Okay then it looks fine. Though, still add some railings and just a tiny bit of sand and some distortion and bumps in the land so some critics like me would be astonished and such little details.

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This island looks great! I think it’s pretty small though, and if you’d like to add more things, you should make the entire island bigger or add more parts to the island itself. Otherwise, great job on this!

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