Opinion on Badges?

Recently I was thinking about adding badges to my game, but I don’t really see the benefits.

If anyone could shed some light on this topic it would be helpful


If you add hidden or secret badges they could play longer to try to find them! Same goes for leaderstat/ reaching a high level badge.


If you add badges, you should also give in-game rewards instead of just a badge (Items, in-game accessories, etc.) . You can also increase the playtime if you make them hard to get too.


Badges add a sense of achievement for the player, giving them something to work towards and be proud of achieving. Think of badges like trophies; you can have join badges (participation trophies), then you can have the harder badges, which would be more sought after.

In addition, there is the possibility of free advertising through a player’s profile. When a popular influencer plays a game and receives a badge, there is a strong likelihood that more players will join your game based on the fact that they might just get a screenshot with their favorite influencers.

They’re easy to implement, add a willingness to succeed, and can act as free advertising; there is no reason not to include badges in your experience!