Opinion On low poly tree's?

Hello I need feedback on my low poly nature.

Sorry for bad quality


pretty basic but the trunk is really thick


It’s meant to be basic due to low poly Also I made the trunk thick since it’s a pine tree.

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hmm alright, im just giving you what you asked

pine tree trunks arent thick, well at least most of them arent


I’m not quite sure you understand what “low-poly” means. These trees meshes are way to “detailed” for what they are supposed to be, and making an entire forest would probably make some low-end devices lag. You should use things like the decimate modifier and use less segments, when creating your primary parts.(Assuming you used Blender to create them)

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Which tree are you talking about?

Also not to be rude But I am quite experienced in Low poly and Yes I do know what it means It’s a 3D model computer image, model And Yes I did use blender.

That isn’t what low poly means. Low poly means you use minimal vertices.

Also it is just one tree, you just recolored them.

Make the shape of the tree more complex then just 3 cones and 1 cylinder.
For a beginner this looks great though!

I’m going for a basic simple cartoon tree though.

I don’t know how to make the cylinder with more curves etc.,


I can link a tutorial

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This is being very critical, but I would 100% recommend all of these tips if you want them to look better.

  1. Use cones with smoother shading on the sides for the leaves
  2. Make the cones much larger
  3. Slightly tilt each of the cones to add more shape
  4. Make variations in the size and rotation when you copy and paste the trees
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I would suggest you add more vertices on the tree and make the trunk more thinner.

Low poly is a polygon mesh in 3D computer graphics that has a proportionately small number of polygons. It isn’t a 3D model computer image.

Sigh I give Up do what ever you want give me rude Feedback I don’t care anymore.

We arent giving you rude feedback we are just helping you succeed that happens to all of us. You did great on the low poly tree. I dont know how that is being rude :thinking:

“Looks like 3 cones and a cylinder” that’s what is rude.

I never even said that at all.

This person here said it. I dont judge people hard work.