Opinion on Medieval Castle


I’ve been working on this castle for my next game (RP), and I’d love to hear what you think about it to see how I could maybe improve it


Dining Room


King & Queen's Bedroom

Maid & Servants Bedroom




That is a lot of imagery, but there is still some rooms that I haven’t shown because they’re more irrelevant and similar to shown ones. I’d like feedback on stuff I might be missing or doing wrong, general details, etc.



Well I have this extra room, but I don’t have any ideas for it, do you?


A couple suggestions:
The bedroom seems really oversized compared to the furnishings.
The entrance/ballroom needs more support for the arched roof. Architecturally the curved roof would be supported by pillars that extended to the floor. I’d suggest increasing the size of the balcony pillars you have and extending them up to hold up the roof. More pillars on the outside wall would help support the roof, and also make it less bland with the long flat wall surfaces.
I’d also change the railings to something other than brick. Bricks attached like that would fall apart irl.


Umm is it made from parts? If yes then what about the optimaization? Castle is good but please I want to see it from Outside

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Parts or not I know how to optimize my game (it’s a mixture of parts and meshes), and it is pretty performant, the only thing that matters in this post is the visuals.

And trust me, you don’t wanna see it from outside, yet. I’m working on it, just wanted to get some feedback on the interior

OK then! But honestly castle is so great from Inside but add some good lightning

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It looks very nice BUT the lightning is very wierd. Try making it more saturated

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