Opinion on my building skills

Hello I’m Scyops.
I’m here today to ask a bit about my Roblox building skills and in in need of some constructive criticism.
Here are some pictures:

Those PCs are free models due to my extremely limited knowledge of building.

Thx for your time.
Also sorry for the bad quality I had to take it on a 32mbps camera

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It looks okay if you’re a beginner. I recommend you use a website like Lightshot or Gyazo to take pictures on your computer so the quality is better. Now about the build, it doesn’t look very good. I recommend you not to use dark colors with those bricks for a building like that because it looks very bad. I recommend you use a different texture with a lighter color or a design/texture. Next up, the floor isn’t great. That carpet texture does not look good for something like that, I recommend you use a texture/decal for the floor from the library. The build also has some things that could be fixed such the picture in the image. Overall, the build isn’t the best but it is alright if you’re a beginner. I suggest you watch some tutorials on YouTube on the basic buildings and practice on your own to improve! image

Ok so it’s my texturing and colouring I need to work on.

Yes, the texture and coloring needs to be fixed and match with the theme you’re using.

Ok thx, also are there any good applications / websites for modelling besides blender cause that won’t import properly.

I personally do not use blender to build anything, I use Roblox Studio. Although, you can try searching it up on YouTube.

Ok thx for the support ima post a photo when I have finished my current building.

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No problem, you can tag me in it if you want and I can give you more feedback!

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Try to develop more effort into replicating the original models into your own version way as a lot isn’t being shown in the image as it looks like a blue walls with some repetitive desk tables however that is something you’ll made as your starting out and learning

It’s an alright start building up your skills, even if you’re new to building, but there isn’t much to really give feedback on if your going for a sort of office build. I encourage you into making it fit the style so it doesn’t look like random models thrown in there. If your losing odds on what to add to your building use reference images to work on getting a better approach to whatever your trying to create the first image isn’t showing much as it’s just duplicated walls what seems to be repetitive (desks - tables).

Otherwise keep improving and figuring out ways to build of those free models.

It doesn’t look necessarily good or bad, for a beginner it looks ok. I suggest trying to build things from pictures or try to rebuild a roblox model. Remember, we all started somewhere.

For the first image, I don’t really like the brick material. If you’re gonna use textures, I suggest going with the ‘Smooth Plastic’ material and adding some textures. For the rest, it’s not bad for a Beginner. Good luck!

Keep building and you will improve! :slightly_smiling_face: