Opinion on my Buy and Sell Shop

Work on these two. It took over 2 hours, today.


Here are the assets

What do you think? (low poly / cartoony style)


What is supposed to be on top of the red building?


Chips and a Burger! :fries::fries::hamburger::hamburger:

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I got a question. Why is there a big pound on the top of the buy shop?


I think that the burger on top of the red building should be bigger. Also, the “u” in “buy” looks a little bit off because the horizontal line on the bottom is extending beyond the vertical line on the right side.

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A few things I think would be worth mentioning:

  • The colours don’t seem to work all great for (what i’m assuming) is a cartoon theme, the red seems too harsh, it’s more the dark grey on the other building.

  • The font doesn’t look too good, mainly on the buy part but also the colours on the sell one could perhaps be improved. You could always use a free model letter kit, they are widely available and have some really useful letters in them if you don’t know how.

  • The window frames are all the same thickness from outer frame to inner frame, normally the inner frames on windows are smaller than the outer frames.

This image is just from google, but you can see the window frame on the inside is thinner, the red isn’t as harsh and the colour palette matches well. Also just because it’s a cartoonish style, doesn’t mean you can’t use monotone colours or browns and such.

I know this may seem a bit negative, so sorry about that and onto the positives:

  • The burger and fries on the sell building work really well and blend into the building too, so that’s a nice touch.

  • Same with the weight on the other building.

One thing I don’t get though is if these are just buy/sell buildings, what do the weights and food mean? I would understand if one is a gym and the other a fast food place or something. But they seem kinda random - a correlation between the object on top and the actual building is always a good idea so as to not confuse players.

Hope this helps and nice work!


I like them! They provide a cute style.

One thing I did notice is the “Buy”
It looks like the line on the “U” ran off a bit.

But it’s super cute, and that’s the only thing I noticed!


Oh it the theme of the game! :weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_man:

Also for everyone say the ‘U’ looks dodgy, I thought it look nice like that but i will change it!:+1:

Thank you for the constructive feedback, I rather say do now then later and for that not too harsh. I will improve on my current design by using your bullet point as a checklist. :smiley:


The buy and sell is there, but they look bad.

Make it a little bit better by using a sign then making the main part invisible but not the other parts. That should work. :grinning:

How do you do that. Teach Me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::no_mouth::no_mouth:

Make an image on Photoshop or something else with the text ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ on then apply them to an invisible anchored part outside the shop where you want it be shown or make a surface gui.

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