Opinion on my first avatar sticker (w/ text)

Hello. I have just started to make stickers and avatar art, and would like your opinion. I went in a green screen game and did the hello emote to capture the avatar. I’m currently in the process of figuring out blender, and that’s why I didn’t use that.

This was mainly created by paint.net


Please leave feedback down below on my Render!


First, of all, this isn’t really a render, because a render would be rendering in 3d software.
Second, learn how to use blender a little and THEN start creating renders.
Third, why did you add the text? I don’t think it improves the image.
Its a great image, but you should really use blender, its a great tool and you could great GREAT GFXs with it!


It works well enough as it is. The cutout in a way kind of makes it look like a sticker, maybe make it glow? The text appears pretty well done, not bad at all


Looks good! I wouldn’t consider it a render if it wasn’t made in Blender or Cinema 4D though, it seems more just photoshop/paint.net work if anything

Keep experimenting and you’ll get better at it! Cheers!


Okay- that makes sense, I’ll change the name to "Opinion on my first avatar sticker (w/ text).

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Yeah- it was my intention to make it look like a sticker and saying it was a render, my fault on that. I’ve renamed it also.

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