Opinion on my First UI

This is a (Almost working) Battle pass for my game can i get your opinion? (Yes i know some things are copied drom Rainbow Six Siegde you don’t have to tell me i know already)


I know you said you copied some things of R6S but is it going to be like the game itself?

Because i don’t know if copyright will be a problem but i think it would be a good game.

Wayyyyy better than my first UI. But then again - I can’t script. But uh, yeah. If you’re planning on publishing the game, try to make some of the UI yourself. :slight_smile:

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I made a ticket in the Ubisoft rn

It’s something like black hawk but with missions

oh okay, just making sure because i’m a fan of both games and i thought it would’ve been amazing to play if it were both games.