Opinion on my icon of my new game

me and some friends we created it for a game called city in trouble will be released in the month of July tell me your opinions developers


I like it, I do think there is room for improvement.

Ways I think it can be improved:

- Make it somewhat brighter in the background for the character

- Move your name to the bottom left with white font color

- Try using more detailed back round since the character is a bit plain

Other than that, I think it is a good logo. Good job



The guns throw it off maybe make them dark gray and add a shine to the glass or make the smoke gray and the guns the same. Other wise it looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

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thank you friend for your opinion, if you want we get in touch in roblox

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thanks colleague for your opinion, now I will improve my icon

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Good luck. If you need help I have a class on Adobi Illustrate so if you need anything ask. Kinda a John of all traits.

thanks friend can I add you in roblox in case you need help

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Ok. I sent you a friend request but next time I would ask on messages cause it’s kinda off topic but no really. Just to be safe. :+1:


Good job, but I see a few problems:


• The watermark with your name, it doesn’t blend in with the build and its layer overlaps another layer

• The NPC looks slightly awkward in my opinion, too synthetic/fake; maybe make it look more—natural

• The background confuses me, is it a floor with blood?

• In my opinion the whole piece isn’t very consistent in color and design

What you could try:


• Making the watermark more natural and blend in nicer

• An NPC that looks natural instead of synthetic

• Fixing layer overlaps

• Consistency in color and design choice

• More polishing overall

Overall it’s decent, but I think it can be improved. Good luck. :+1:


I really like the logo you have.
Tips/what I would personally change:

  • Remove your watermark in the corner.
  • Brighten up the background, possible with a gradient (so the bright logo still sticks out, like it does right now.)
  • Maybe bring the character a little bit close to the center. (Rule of third, perhaps?)
    You can consider blurring the splatter effect in the background a little, maybe try it out?

Other than that it’s a really nice thumbnail.

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