Opinion on my self portrait of my avatar?

I tried to draw my Roblox avatar for the first time, opinions?


What program are you using? If it’s something besides Microsoft paint, you can set your brush correction to around 10 or 12, which will make your lines much more stable and less “wobbly.”

I think it looks great as a first time art piece.
However, it is extremely simple. If you want it to look interesting, you need to add in more detail, such as shading to the face, shading underneath the eyes, etc. If you want, you can add more facial details such as cheeks, or a smile, or chin and shade/colour those as well.

In addition, you may find you can add a lot smaller, and more, details if you use thinner lines.

In this example that I drew about a year ago, I used extremely simple lines and shading. It’s obviously not that complicated, but by using some shading and more lines I made it look a little more 3-dimensional and engaging to the viewer.

As long as you know how to draw curves (which you happen to do) you don’t need any actual drawing skills to do something a bit like that.

It’s obvious realism is not your point, it appears as if you want to keep your style simple and cartoony. If you want better simple, cartoony figures, you really need to concentrate on the quality of the piece. In graphic design, my professors taught me that the more “simple” something is, the better the components need to be. So basically, if you did something extremely complicated a few sloppy lines here and there or missed shading won’t make that big a difference, but in a simple drawing like you have, they are all you have going for you so you need to really concentrate on how they are made.

If you want a clean drawing, make sure your brush correction is set to around 10 like I mentioned before, and draw your outlines.

Than, in a layer that is underneath your outline, you can add in the colours and shading. That will make things look extremely neat.

With that said, I really like your drawing. It’s really cute lol and I hope to see more of your work around since I enjoy looking at it.


Theres one thing this needs: shadows!