Opinion on my UI and what to add?

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  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I need some advice on what to add to my GUI that will eventually be for sale, I have Shop, Settings and codes so far, What else could be useful?
    Idea: Custom player list, fix anchor points

  2. What is the issue?
    Just need some ideas.

  3. GUI


The game is private, please update settings or better yet include gifs of the UI.

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Gif upload didn’t work and cant get everything in, shared now.

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That’s an absolutely amazing GUI, I love the apple style options and moving/scaling effects. Awesome work.

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Looks great, I only have a couple suggestions! I really love the way that the animations pop up, this looks really well done.

The first small thing I would change is to add another white bar above the first option, so that it looks the same as all the other ones (the bottom option bar has a white line below it as well).

Another thing I would do is if these are the only options to purchase currency, to move them to the center instead of at the top (since there would be nothing else to go there).

None of the items that you could buy seem to pop out like when you hover over the rest of the options in the other menu, so I would recommend changing it so that they all do that since it is so good looking.

The last thing I would do is add a border around this section of the UI, as the white on white can be confusing. Since it is scrolling, I would also add a scroll bar on the right side. I marked up an example of what this might look like.

Other than that, this UI is amazing! It’s really one of the best I have seen. Can’t wait to see the finished product, and good luck!

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Wow, awesome UI! I like the settings and shop icons a lot, and I like the overall theme. Everything is nice and polished. It also works really well on mobile, great job!

You can add a click effect, though you do not have to.
I’m very impressed.

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Animations can be faster if you want players to feel more responsiveness. It takes a noticeable time to see the circle change from red to green in the toggle settings menu for example.

I think the opening of the menu is also a bit too exaggerated, maybe instead have it start tween at like 70-80% of its final size rather than starting really small so it’s easier on the eyes.

Color themes could be played around with. Pure white background is pretty harsh to look at when the overall background is large.

Also the title bars in the menu are way too huge and aren’t contributing anything meaningful in information. We can barely see two rows of the inventory itself and if there are a lot of items, it will not be a pleasant scrolling experience.


Very nice. The top bar could possibly use color to accent it, but very good. I really like the simplistic but enjoyable style. I disagree with @litozinnamon I really like the pop-up animations but it could be faster. I know I’d want something to open quickly if im scrolling through UI’s. Also while I like the colors and think they are aesthetically pleasing, a dark mode option would be nice for us vampires. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I agree with previous posters that the title part is too large. I’d just shrink down the black part as the text is too big in a way that doesn’t look so good. I like your use of spacing, you don’t leave much white space.

The only part I didn’t like is the settings. It looks a bit under detailed compared to the rest of the work. Perhaps add the yellow accent in there too?

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It is a very good design however I would suggest being able to click the icon again and it would close the UI.

These icons here blend in too much with the white background. Make that super light grey icon darker.image

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  1. Auto align did that, was gonna fix that later
    2.Left room I case the person I’m selling to wants more.
    3.Not popping due to scrolling frames needing to cut out children, ruins the effect
    4.I think I’ll try that!
    Thanks for the response (I don’t mean to seem like I’m fighting back or anything) I usually do things for a reason but I will take all these into consideration!
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I’ll make sure to play around, all very good suggestions!

Thank you for the feedback! will try