Opinion on my UI

Hey! I made a custom UI for my stats. Please tell opinions and whether I should do some changes.

Also, please do not worry about the bar under title, I know it is a bit too bright, has the weird shadow and off shape.


Looks pretty good in my opinion. You can use any drawing app to make an image a file so you can make as much irregular shape as you wish.


Thanks so much! any adjustments that are possible here for the better?


Looks really cool i have never seen a UI like this. Well done!


Thanks a lot! It means a lot because this is the first ever Gui I ever made and concurrently the first game I am making!
If there are any possible adjustments for the better please let me know!


Other than that its pretty good. You prob thought I meant programs like the fancy stuff but you can use paint for what I was talking about earlier (like me lol)


Overall it looks good, but I’d add a UIPadding (as the frames are nearly touching the edge), make the outlines more consistent (the add and subtract icons stick out a little) and change the colours to something less bright (the UI itself looks to be more fantasy-like while the colours seem like sci-fi)


Decent, but could use a different font. One thing about this I dislike is the + and - buttons. They could use icons rather than text, perhaps. I’ve also noticed that some of the text is all the way to the side, and that there is some inconsistency with the positioning of the text.


It looks very good! You should move the text in the middle a bit to the right though, so it doesn’t touch the border of the light blue boxes. Otherwise, nice job on this!

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looks good the color just doesn’t blend in with the stats

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Thanks for the advice! I thought that the colors are bit not to the fit too. I will change that!
Can you explain what UIPadding is?

Yes thats true. I will fix that, Thanks!

Got that thanks! I would like suggestions on the colour for the text background which would match with the overall layout. I will also dull out the background a little as it seems it is too bright.

I will do that! I noticed too late that the text was touching the edge.

I use pixlr E its a free editor and I found it very comfortable to use. It is on web so it wasnt anything fancy but its very helpful. Thanks!

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If you add a UIPadding to the frame, you can modify it and essentially add borders that frames cannot go to normally; it helps with consistency a lot.

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I will check it out! Thanks a bunch!