Opinion on one of my GFX?

May I please have your opinion on one of the gfx I have made? This is just one of the few that I have made but the others are somewhat terrible. This is just one to practise my skills as one of my friend’s friends are requesting gfx of themselves.

Wow! Nice job. I recommend using different effects in editing programs or Blender itself to make it look a bit more unique.

Haven’t gotten into that part yet, what effects do you recommend using?

You could use stuff like shading parts of the avatar, or changing saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness. Otherwise, in Blender, I don’t know. I made a GFX with flame effects on the accessories.
Here’s a tutorial if you are interested: Flame effect in Blender 2.82 - YouTube

Already know how to use the Flame Effect, are there any alternatives to photoshop as I’m not paying £16.24 for a photo editing app.

I use paint.net, but there is other good stuff, such as Pixlr.

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