Opinion on pet system

I have a pet system in my game where each pet gives the player a different power.

So far I have 6 different pets and 8 different classes.

Which scenario do you think would be the most enjoyable experience for an action shooter math survival game?

  1. You unlock pets as you level up your player at a predetermined rate and those pets level up with your player and the powers get stronger as they grow in size.

  2. You get a skill point every level to invest in the pet you choose to level up and unlock more pets as you level.

  3. Each class has it’s own unique pet (I will make 2 more) that levels up as you level up the class instead of leveling up the player. (So if you switch to a new class, you will be at level 1 with a different pet.)

Thank you, any feedback is appreciated.

Though option 1 is a classic way of doing it, I really like the uniqueness of option 3 and since you already have 8 classes, I feel that it’s best to implement that further in some regard.

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After a few days of deliberating and doing some game design research I have decided to make the pets unique to the class but not make the player level up each class individually.
I learned this from Diablo 3. At first they had paragon levels at level cap, but it made players only want to play one class instead of experiencing the whole game because they didn’t want to start over with another class.