Opinion on ROLTA UI?


I see what you did with the name nice. I would move the Menu, Store, Gamepasees, and tutorial button to the middle. And I would add some padding (I think that’s what it’s called) to the edges of the voting screen. Other than that, amazing job!

Replace Messi with your avatar for the best player. That’s will be fire.

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That looks pretty good, for some reason I don’t find the gradient on the voting screen very attractive.
Also, the “Vote” text could either be rounded or changed to background-transparency 1.

Otherwise, Really good!

Everything looks great! One thing is that the vote’s UI looks kinda messy… Make the Maps pictures stay in the middle instead of leaving 2 on the edge and 1 in the middle. Have them like this:


(Image looks unclean, but basically put the map pic in the middle of the Voting UI.

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The layout looks really clean, but one thing that really throws the whole aesthetic off is the text. Something about the font doesn’t sit right with this layout. I suggest importing your own text or test out different preinstalled fonts on Roblox. As @Avtixe said, the voting does look messy and rushed. Shrinking the images altogether and centering it would create a much better look. Other than that, it looks great :slight_smile: You do you.

The image for “Kick Off!” and the “ROLTA Solo Mode” seem really out-of-place compared to the others. The two I mentioned look like proper GFX, with advanced lighting and shadows and that while the oters (especially the Training Arena and Exclusive Stadiums) look like thumbnails for Roblox games from 2013.

tl;dr more consistency with picture quality would be nice