Opinion on this loading screen

Trying to make a loading screen for a game I am making, any feedback?https://www.roblox.com/games/3289039930/Game-Testing-2

This is the product edited with all of your lovely suggestions


Wow! That looks amazing! I enjoy how it changes colors and is actually interesting to look at, unlike a lot of loading screens. Great work!


Thanks, I usually find loading screens work better when they are more engaging to the players

I think it looks OK, but if you are going for style points, why not animate the drop a bit more? Even with some use of EasingStyles (assuming you’re using TweenService), you can liven it up even more.


I suggest making the loading bar more ‘engaging’. The colorful letters are sort of lost in all of the gray. Maybe make moving stripes, changing colors, or just a solid bar in a different color (a blue would be nice).

The letters look great, though!


I would suggest you change, the color of the grey loading to a different color and the the back round to a more lighter color to fit the loading screen! But i highly suggest you use @Usering opinion with the EasingStlyes…

Looks really good to me!

I agree that the gray background should be lighter - I almost said it, too :wink:

Thanks, implemented it and it looks much better

You should post the improvement so we can see :smiley:


Looks really good! You should consider making the loader bar tweened though, or perhaps a different color!

OBS kept acting up and not recording properly so you can see it here https://www.roblox.com/games/3289039930/Game-Testing-2

I removed the progress bar because I didn’t really like it

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I love it, it’s way better! Nice job.


looks spicy,

but, i have a suggestion, the LOADING text should have a bar behind it showing the loading progress

Now in my opinion I like the way the colors change when the animation of the text goes up and down. But the animation itself is very bland and boring I would get a little bit creative like this loading screen down here:

Now I don’t even know if that animation is even possible on Roblox but you get my point.
One more thing to say add some game hints or facts when the player is waiting for the game to load so they won’t get bored.

:+1: I actually was considering adding some sort of facts or tips system to the game, and I will see if I can make the animation any more interesting

I changed up the animation a bit so that there is a curve in the letters.

I like the coloring animation with the text but agree you need to tween the loading progress bar. You might even tween the text drop effect and add some “bounce” to it to make the animation feel even more smooth.

Also, I hope the actual game loadout isn’t that long. Your going to be penalized heavily by players if it is. Should be half as fast at least.

Yeah, currently I just set the length to something arbitrary to see how it looks

It’s really pretty and well scripted!
However I’d remove the loading bar’s UI. Might look better.
Might aswell hide the CoreGUI

But overall, good work. It looks very beautiful!

Overall, its pretty awesome but I want to ask a question.
Shouldn’t the n capitalized?

^^ that would be LOADInG