Opinion/Feedback about my game

Its my second game and I want to hear a feedback about:

-Gamepasses design
-Icon, thumbtails and description
-Is it an original idea
-What I can add or remove from the game
-Other things

Fell free to feedback

Link to the game - https://www.roblox.com/games/3723555402/Cogwheel-Simulator?refPageId=83a2da7a-0689-475c-9bf4-e4a627c61d0b


The game is good, I played it on mobile smoothly and the UI was perfect. I saw no bugs besides the one I stated in game about how you can collect cogs even when the backpack is full. Just put a couple of ads on it and it should be very successful


I visited it and it’s actually a well-built game. (I don’t know much about scripting so I can’t provide any advice about that).

For the game icon and thumbnail, they were nice and simple and gave an idea about the game. The other images provided gave a clear view about the game. My opinion on this aspect is good.

For the description, I think it’s clear but maybe rephrasing it in another way would make it a little more exciting but it delivers the point which is good.

For the idea being original, it’s original if you’re talking about the simulator being about cogwheels and stuff.

The GUI was good and it worked greatly but at the end it would sometimes glitch and stay there but it works just fine most of the time.

I liked it and I think the tactics were good. Great job on it!

This was a long message oof-


Your game is very good I enjoyed playing it. However I experienced 3 bugs.
*When repairing cogwheel and spam clicking on other one when you didn’t finish reparation process of the first one, repairing GUI doesn’t show when you activate reparation process of the second one.
*Repairing things when having full backpack still shows that you got cogwheels when they actually didn’t add to backpack.
*Noob quest have bugs and I can’t complete it. I got 20 cogwheels, repaired 4 phones and placed 3 or 2 cogwheels and quest was still saying: repair 2 phones and place 2 cogwheels.

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I really enjoyed playing this game and honestly I feel it’s very polished it has some potential if your planning on making a huge game i think the idea is good.

The town area has decent had you tried using vibrant colors to make the map pop more? I’m sure this is added, however instead of users clicking a phone and randomly spawning into a working area to repair the objects I would include a little tool box where players can hold or use let users purchase things that are useful "wrench, drills, ect.

The loading screen took a while to load instead of including (10, you should make the loading screen, go to 100 maybe make the town area bigger I’m sure if a bunch of user’s are filled in one map it’ll be hard for newer players that join, will the items that have been clicked by other users will they still remain on the ground?

At the start i enjoyed the unique idea your going for not much error occurred i’d be interested to play it from time to time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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After further gaming I have found some bugs and suggestions in your game.

-The backpack shop gui won’t scroll.
-Some of the Quest are broken.(Like if it says to repair 2 items and I complete that it will still say to repair 2 items.)

-Instead of having an item spawn at the same spot they should be randomized.If you don’t randomized it, it will be easy to camp the good spots.
-Warns you if your backpack is full.
-Have another leaderbored that tells who has collected the most cogwheels worldwide.

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Thanks for Feedback, I will try to fix bugs and add some of your suggestions